9Gardens, a one stop shop for all home gardening solutions

nine-gardens9Gardens is a startup for people who love gardening and want to buy gardening related materials online. Working with an idea to encourage home-gardening and develop self-sustainable living among the urban class, the platform acts as a one-stop shop for all the requirements that an amateur can come across – ranging from seeds, inputs, accessories and more – while growing fruits and vegetables at home.

One can always find other online platforms in India to order seeds and accessories like IndianMaali, RollingNature, PlantsMans and online marketplaces like eBay, but what sets 9Gardens apart is its complete 360 degree services ranging from selling of all sorts of seeds, accessories and chemicals, with an educational touch to it. Other than the Gardening tips which it regularly updates to its portal, 9Gardens also sorts out any kind of customer queries or questions related to home-gardening.

Launched in January this year, 9Gardens has managed to gain a decent traction for its website which accounts for over 27,000 pageviews per day clocking around INR 1 lakh worth of sales every month.

The website offers a user-friendly interface, loaded with information on gardening via its blog and a complete different section called ‘Gardening Tips’.


With a vision to start a knowledge hub for seed industry across the globe, Balwant Singh, co-founder, 9Gardens, joined the entrepreneurial world with his first venture – SeedBuzz – as an online portal that provides information to the seed industry. Seedbuzz is a brand under the company “N Buzz Business Solution Private Limited”.

The company was incorporated in 2011 and aims to create a network for seed industry and related industries by providing intense research based information for its clients to better drive and enhance their business efficiency. The platform primarily acts as a knowledge bridge between the buyers and sellers in seed-business.

SeedBuzz’s network spans various countries including India, Australia, Maldives, Middle East, Bangladesh, Brazil, Argentina, USA and more, and its services include customized market research, specific crop research and ERP/BPM.

Discussion forums by talking upon issues like market trends, research in product development, new upgrades and suitable technologies.

However the company has limited 9Garden’s operations to India only – given the import/export and other cross-border selling hassles it might have to face to sell seeds overseas.

9Gardens seems to be well addressing the home gardening solution with its efficient product range and other add on services like mentoring. But one thing that might affect its number of transactions is the ‘pricing’. Where one can buy a similar kind of seeds for around INR10 from a local offline shop, 9Gardens sells them with a comparatively higher price tag. But according to Balwant, 9Gardens provides better quality seeds which undergo proper production stages – which in return raise the cost – and given the startup’s highly experienced founding team, we do not doubt that.

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