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Web hosting company, UCVHost shuts shop

ucvhostDelhi based web hosting company UCVHost has recently ceased its operations, leading to a loss of business data of the companies that were using its services.

UCVHost provides services like domain name registration, website hosting and web based application development.

The website had stopped its operations on 16th October, its client companies are now looking for its founder Rajat Khanna. Some of the customers have already lodged a complaint against the owner and the company, at Cyber Cell office in Chandigarh and at Janakpuri police station, New Delhi.

As per its customers, the company hadn’t given any notice prior ceasing its operations.

The companies had also tried reaching SoftLayer, a company owned by IBM, as it was providing the back-end support to UCVHost. The data on the SoftLayer servers were automatically deleted and is no longer available.

Though Softlayer has directed the affected companies back to Rajat Khanna. But a post on UCVHost’s website says, “All our servers have been taken over by Softlayer , Please contact Softlayer with your server ip.”

Thus keeping the customers in a state of confusion.

“We were never informed of the company’s decision to close down. We were told we will get our dues in three-four days, but we have got nothing till now,” said an employee to Business Line. The company had around 18 employees, and all are now looking for new jobs.

UCVHost was founded in 2000 by Rajat Khanna, the reason behind ceasing operations are unclear for now.

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