Top 5 business networking and communication apps

5-Business-appsFor every business it’s important to keep connected with your co-workers and other people of interest. How to stay connected on the go? How to keep your clients updated after your contact details change? – the answer is mobile apps. We bring you top 5 such mobile apps that can help you keep connected to people important for your business 24X7.


When someone changes his/her contact details like email or phone number it becomes a requirement and moreover a headache to send a note asking everyone to update their address book. Addappt solves that problem.

With Addappt, all you need to do is change your contact information once – in the app – and your contact info will get updated across all you connected friends’ address books. It also keeps you safe from your clients having an outdated/expired contact information about yourself.


Price : Free

Mobile Platform : iOS


This is a must app download for those who are into the business of organising conferences and other enterprise meetups. It allows users to create an event, set agenda while adding all the important information about the event and promote to grow the community.

Moreover, the app helps attendees to discover the business contacts useful for them at the event and maximise their networking contacts by connecting on various social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Price : Free for events having upto 350 attendees. Above that, the app comes with a price tag of USD 499 to  USD 1299 per event.

Mobile Platform : Android, iOS


Camplfire is a perfect Instant messaging group chat tool for businesses. The app lets its users to set-up password-protected chat rooms in just seconds and invite clients and colleagues to chat, share files/photos, and make decisions. The app allows inline viewing of popular file formats, Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Using Campfire however does require an account; Once you have an account, you’ll be able to access your created chat rooms.


Price : Free for 30 days trial period, after that the app costs from USD 12/month to USD 99/month

Mobile Platform : iOS


Teambox is made for small and medium businesses or teams that want a fully integrated project and task manager. The app offers chat and text for daily group discussions, planning tools, pages for notes, file storage and even time tracking. It is also connected to Dropbox.

If you’re looking for a complete, open source, project management solution with heavy collaboration features, Teambox is definitely worth checking out.


Price : Free up to 5 users. Premium model – USD 5 per user/month

Mobile Platform : Android, iOS


Yammer is a private Twitter for corporate teams to share news and updates.  It’s group communication only lets people with company email addresses sign into the network.

Once setup and installed on each phone-set it works as a simple microblogging service where users can update the status of their projects, send messages to others, and form groups for private team communications inside the company.


Price : Free for basic mode. Premium model – USD 3/user/month to USD 20/user/month

Mobile Platform: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows

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