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T-shirt manufacturer Voxpop clothing raises funding from Blume Ventures and a clutch of investors

voxpop-1Mumbai based, community driven design platform for Tshirts, Voxpopclothing, has raised funding from Blume Ventures along-with a clutch of investors from India and the US.

Deal was closed in September this year but has been revealed by the company now, but the financial terms of the deal have still been left undisclosed.

The company was founded by Siddharth Taparia, an alumnus of Harvard Business School, and was launched in September with the funding round. develops limited edition T-shirts of brands and themes, which have a large fan following. It is a community driven design platform to crowdsource designs by individuals across the nation via contests and a vision to create merchandise designed for fans, by fans.

Siddharth Taparia explains that Vox Pop Clothing is not just an apparel company but a new culture for the today’s youth and they believe that the core of fashion lies in expression and in India, the emerging trend of free expression is growing at a very fast pace amongst the Gen Y. “The idea is to create a lifestyle company selling t-shirts and other related products where consumers can wear, touch and feel their brand or icon. Every T-shirt created is an artistic statement for the fan and by the fan. Vox pop is an interactive platform through which we can explore new talents and give them opportunities for creative overflow,” he added.

The webstore has a collection from popular TV shows like Dexter. The company has an authorized licensee of character T-shirts for brands like Disney, Marvel, DC Comics and Star Trek, the merchandise are available on the website and is synonymous to the imagination of the consumer.

The T-Shirts are available for both men and women on the store, characters whose Tshirt are available on the platform include  Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Batman, Thor etc. The store has made shopping easy for its users asT-shirts are already segregated on the basis of gender and characters to provide customers with easy access while shopping.

The website also has a Contest section where the users can submit and vote for the designs.

In July this year, another designer T-Shirt eTailer BlueBusTees, had raised undisclosed amount in funding from Deesan Group. Also, recently Junior G V Keshav Reddy and along-with his friend Ishaan Dodhiwala has launched a new pure play online apparels private label i.e. The Indian Brand.

Iamwire Take

Indian eCommerce has not been very kind to niche stores selling Tshirts, we have seen SherSingh which had a great product line but somehow it failed to grow and was acquired by Myntra last year. However, if companies have to scale up in this category they need to have a good number of product SKU offerings but on the other side there’s not much to offer in this category, thus how many Tshirts they can actually offer or sell? What about Repeat purchase and driving margins from consumer in a high consumer acqusition cost market?

Also, if these companies diversify in other categories at a later stage like the way Zovi did, i.e. started with selling shirts and later added accessories, jeans, footwear etc. may be thats the way to go forward. But there is also Freecultr which also started with Tshirts and added more categories is now struggling to scale.

Thus, niche apparel companies do have a opportunity in this category but they need to figure out their scalability plans and ROI from customers.

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