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Startups and ideas that raised funding in the past week

technology-worldThis week (24 Nov. -30th Nov.) saw the rise of some exciting apps and mobile technologies, thereby attracting both VC’s and angels to invest sums as high as USD 24 Mn. Few platforms were also seen to raise a good amount of funding through crowdsourcing. Here is a brief overview.


A free online service, started by Wishlist, has closed USD 1.8 Mn in seed funding. The investment round was led by early stage VC firm Sunstone Capital.

Alpine Data Labsalpine

A San Francisco based analytics company, which raised USD 16 Mn in a Series B round. The investment was led by Sierra Ventures, Mission Ventures, UMC Capital and Robert Bosch Venture Capital.


The maker of popular web tools and services such as Chartbeat, Dots, Instapaper etc. has raised USD 20 Mn. However, the investor’s name remain undisclosed. The amount will be used for further growth of the company.

Dark Mail Alliancedark-mail-alliance

A new kind of email protocol drives a funding of USD 212,000 in the Kickstarter Campaign. It is an initiative of the creators of Lavabit and Silent Mail with also involving Phil Zimmermann.

De Correspondentde-crosprodent

A Holland based online Journalism startup, which raised USD 1.7 Mn from a crowdfunding platform with donations from over 10,000 people. It is currently having around 25000 subscribers.


It is a two year old startup which deals in online fantasy sports, which raised USD 24 Mn in series B funding. The investors include Redpoint Ventures, with participation by GGV Capital, Atlas Venture, and BDS Ventures.


It raised approximately USD 10 Mn as disclosed in the recent SEC filing. The VCs include General Catalyst, North Bridge venture partners, Lux Capital, and RockPort Capital. The startup aims at creating smart power grids using digital solid state transformers.

Money Dashboardmoney-dashboard

Launched in 2009, the company raised USD 4.4 Mn in a recent funding round, led by Calculus Capital. It provides its users a free tool to study their spending pattern. This will help them in predicting future outgoings as well as potential savings.


The startup has raised USD 1.6 Mn in seed investment from Rupert Hambro and Dominic Perks. It is a new messaging app wherein users can simply message any piece of music or video, and is currently available only for iPhone.

Founded recently this year, the startup attracted undisclosed VCs to invest USD 1.5 Mn in seed round. It is the mobile-first SaaS platform, which enables customers to better manage, monetize and market their services.


It has raised USD 4 Mn in an investment round led by The Foundry Group, along with American Family Insurance and other existing investors. It is the developer of a home automation app, wherein a user can control several devices from one place.


The startup raised undisclosed amount in Series A round led by Lightspeed Ventures and Blue Sky Capital. It is basically a cloud based mobile payment technology and the creator of Host Card Emulation(HCE). HCE was recently used by Google with the latest Android 4.4, KitKat and also in the implementation of Google Wallet on Nexus 5.


Launched in late 2012, it raised EUR 130,000 from a number of France-based angel investors.  The startup is basically an Android and iOS app which provides a user-friendly platform for collaborative planning, allowing friends to get together.

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