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big-dataBig Data is making quite a ‘buzz’ these days. Where on one hand, the world is going through a technology revolution around big data, many companies and entrepreneurs are targeting it to analyse their opportunities in this field.

One such Chennai-Singapore based startup, Crayon Data, has launched its content and resource aggregation site for Big Data, named as, as reported by ET.

As per the reports, this knowledge platform uses the latest data aggregation technology for collating and categorising information from numerous sources on big data, thereby simplifying the quest for information for the visitors on this platform.

The platform aims to provide the readers a single source of information and destination for anyone interested in tracking Big Data trends, whether enterprise users, analysts, investors, techies or students. As per one of the founder, Srikant Sastri, through this portal, the world of Big Data can be made more accessible and action oriented for everyone.

big-data-screen-shotIn all, the information is divided across five channels, viz. Sectors, Tech & Tools, Events, Resources and My favourites. At present there are 21 sectors( Retail, marketing, aerospace, energy, etc.) and 7 tech areas (Analytics, BI, Visualization, etc.) which are covered on the platform.

There is also an option where any reader can log in through their social media credentials (Facebook, twitter,etc.) and can add content to the site.

Crayon data was founded in 2012 by three tech entrepreneurs of Indian origin viz.Suresh Shankar, Vijay Kumar and Srikant Sastri. Recently, the company raised INR 8.75 Cr in second round of funding and aims to raise Series A round in early 2014.

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