ReSound LiNX, a wireless Hearing Aid made for iPhone

apple-productDenmark’s GN Store Nord, one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in the world, has partnered with Apple to come up with a new generation of hearing aids specially made to be compatible with an iPhone. The device, named ReSound LiNX, when installed in the ear allows users to stream voice and music from their iPhones without the need for an intermediary device.

Bluetooth based hearing aids were already in the market, but they have a short battery life and shorter range of operation, requiring use of intermediary devices.

The new aid runs on 2.4 GHz wireless technology, and is the third generation of such products being manufactured by GN Store Nord. Apple too last year chose 2.4 Ghz technology for its phones. Hence the device pairs wirelessly with the user’s iPhone, giving it a much larger range than the Bluetooth enabled devices. Further, GN claims the device will have twice the battery life of traditional Bluetooth devices.

“ReSound LiNX again underlines our core strength of bringing breakthrough innovations to the hearing impaired, making them consumers with choices rather than patients with challenges”, said GN ReSound’s CEO, Lars Viksmoen.

According to GN, the ReSound LiNX hearing aid is the smallest wireless form factor from GN ReSound and will be offered in 10 hair and skin tone colors to reduce visibility.  The hearing aid will be available in a limited release later this year followed by a global launch during the first quarter of 2014.

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