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Oracle Acquires Bitzer- a solution provider for the BYOD driven workforce

Oracle-BitzerMobileOracle has recently acquired Bitzer Mobile, a California based enterprise mobility management (EMM) company, for an undisclosed sum of money. According to the statement on Oracle’s website, they are currently reviewing the existing Bitzer Mobile product roadmap to  come up with new features for existing Oracle customers.

Bitzer was co-founded in 2011 by Ali Ahmed, Naeem Zafar and Indus Khaitan. It is a mobile security solutions provider for enterprises facing a surge in the number of employees wishing to access data through their smartphones or personal devices. As this poses a potential security leak for enterprises, Bitzer developed a platform to help corporations provide employees with secure access to their data and applications from their mobile devices.

Bitzer is a platform to help IT personnel optimize the existing enterprise applications rapidly and securely for mobile devices. They can consolidate all enterprise data into one big, secure entity that they control. Through an OS independent application, they can then allow employees to interact with this data using their iPhone, BlackBerry or Android devices.

The move is a definitive step by Oracle towards figuring out a mobile strategy, according to Eric Klein, senior mobility analyst at VDC Research, Inc. Klien further states that Bitzer offers Oracle the “best in class” authentication, identity management and security features for EMM. Moreover, according to industry analysts, Oracle will probably make more significant acquisitions in this field other than Bitzer.

IBM had also recently acquired a cloud based mobile management and security company- Fiberlink Communications; indicating a growing trend among bigger companies to focus on mobile management and security solutions

One can say that in order to keep up with its competition, Oracle acquired Bitzer to add mobile services to its large suite of enterprise solutions. However, it remains to be seen which of these two giants will dominate the mobile services market.

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