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Oogwave, creating smarter workplace with zero emails

ogwaveWith the surge of tech savvy population around the world, there has been a lot of debate on the utility of ‘Email’ as a conversation medium among corporates. Few believe that emails play a critical role in workplace productivity while others have an entirely different perspective.

Ryan Holmes, chief executive of HootSuite, a social media management toolset, described emails as “new pony express” and “an unproductively tool”. Also, it has been estimated that managers spend between 5 to 20 hours a week just reading and writing emails.

Oogwave is one such Noida based startup, launched in March 2011, which supports zero email initiative at the workplace. The concept draws its base from the ‘Zero Email Initiative’ of Thierry Breton, Chief Executive of Atos, who advocated reducing internal emails by using improved communication applications and social media tools.

The founders, Gaurav Jain and Saurabh Singh believe that Oogwave can create an open, productive and smarter workplace by reducing usage of internal emails. It is built on a cloud based platform for businesses, to facilitate communication and information sharing without emails. It helps companies create, organize and share data with colleagues and clients.

With Oogwave, the users will get an open working virtual environment in which all their work content (files, docs, reference, notes, conversations) has a social attribute, connected to people working inside and outside the company and will provide an easy access, discovery and quick response.

Also, it automatically updates and categorizes information and sends automatic alerts to mobile phone or email to keep a user in sync with what everyone is working on and what is pending.

As a security measure, only verified users (with email address) can join and be a part of your company’s workspace on Oogwave. People from other business domains can only join by the user’s exclusive invitation.

The data is universally accessible across all devices and the Oogwave app is available on iOS and android. The platform is available for free for a team of up to 20 members. The package would cost an additional USD 49 per month for a business with 100 people and USD 3 per user if the number exceeds 100.

According to Gaurav, presently we work in knowledge economy with a social media literate workforce and in the last 10 years, there’s been a dramatic shift in the way companies operate with all business information being digitized, easy to store, share and update. “We believe that enterprise social networks are a far better way of encouraging collaboration and freeing businesses from the restraints of overflowing inboxes”, he added.

The platform has already seen huge adoption in the US, the UK, Eastern Europe and South Africa among other countries. Over 3,400 companies are using Oogwave globally. The company is expecting 3 fold growth in its customer base over 10,000 in next 15 months.

Among the users of the platform, 72 per cent are from professional services – knowledge based companies where content and information is the inventory. Most of the customers use Oogwave for internal communication and to store and share content while around 22 per cent are using team task management too.

The company has attracted funding from TLabs, a division of Times Internet Ltd. It is planning to go for another round of fund raising in the next eight months to fuel its growth plans.

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