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IRCTC launches eWallet

IRCTCTo provide ease to the customers, while making payment for online ticket booking on IRCTC’s website, IRCTC has recently added an eWallet service for the consumers.

Earlier, customers could only make payments via credit card, debit card or net banking while booking an eTicket and the process was not only lengthy but often user’s money use to get deducted without the ticket actually being booked. As while making online payments by cards or net-banking, customers are transferred from the IRCTC server to the bank’s server, and then are taken back to the IRCTC site. Being a lengthy process, often customer’s login session gets expired – leading to money being deducted unnecessarily.

To reduce these kind of issues, IRCTC has launched this eWallet service, with which now customers can save their money with the IRCTC, thus cutting the lengthy ticket booking process.

eWallet registration process

  • Login by entering your Username and Password.

  • On the “Plan my travel” page, click on the “Click to register now!” link for eWallet registration.

  • After clicking on ‘eWallet registration’ link, user will be redirected to verify his PAN Card number, where they would require to fill in the PAN details.

  • After the verification of user’s PAN Card number, payment page will appear for payment of eWallet Registration fee.

  • Create a Transaction Password required at the time of booking and reconfirm the same password in the textbox provided.

  • Select the Bank for the payment of Registration Fee. (Registration fees is INR 250 which is non-refundable)

User can deposit a minimum amount of INR 100 and maintain a maximum amount of INR 5000 in an account. One can deposit in multiples of INR 100. Also, deposit amount is non-refundable.

Booking eTicket via eWallet

On the payment page, there will be an eWallet as a payment option amongst other payment options.

For every eWallet transaction an additional eWallet Transaction charge of INR 5 will be collected and booking will be allowed only when ticket amount is less than the balance amount.

IRCTC eWallet facility will not be available from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Iamwire Take

Well it’s great that IRCTC is too trying out tech innovations to better service its customers, and is also keeping up with trend of mobile wallets, but being closed for 4 hours is not appropriate, it is defeating the concept of 24X7 online service availability, and will be a bit inconvenient for the consumers.

Click here to check the eWallet user guide.

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