Internet of Things- Five IoT devices you should know about

1. Lock8 – A smartlock for bikes

This kickstarter funded project, is a smart lock for bicycles that uses owner’s smartphone as a key. It is GPS enabled, so even if one forgets where they parked their bike or it gets stolen, the device’s mobile app will show its exact location. And most of all, the device gets charged through induction while cycling. Its specific sensors will tell if the lock is being tampered with, by sending a push notification to the owner’s cellphone.

2. Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor

Koubachi is a plant care assistant, that measures different factors for the care of a plant and sends a notification with precise care advice when needed. Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor measures soil moisture, tem­perature, and light intensity. This smart device stores all the information in the cloud to allow easy access to the user via its smartphone app.

3. WeMo Switch

This simple looking device is a magical gadget. It allows wireless control of any household appliance, smart or not, with the help of its smartphone app. The Belkin WeMo Switch enables easy home automation of devices connected to it. And not just WiFi, one can remotely switch off and on the devices from anywhere the app is connected to mobile Internet.

4. LG Smart ThinQ appliances

After smart refrigerators, LG had brought smart washers and dryers. The machines could be controlled remotely using its Android app, which allows the user to monitor, modify and diagnose the smart appliance from anywhere. In addition to this, the machines could even be accessed using a smart TV. The Smart Grid Ready feature automatically runs the washer when electricity rates are lowest, plus the machine even troubleshoots itself.

5. Visualight

‘Visualight is an open-source Wi-Fi enabled light bulb that can visualize data as colored light.’

In simple terms, think of this light bulb as the notification LED in a phone, one can customise its colour just the same way, eg. if someone sets colour blue for mail notifications, whenever he/she will receive an email, all the bulb in the connected network will automatically turn blue. This is one utility of this WiFi light enabled light source.

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