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International News Roundup: Twitter introduces custom timelines; Yahoo to auction premium domain names; Pinterest releases its first API; Snapchat rejects USD 3 Bn Facebook’s buyout offer

UntitledTwitter announces custom timelines to organise user content on the platform

This week Twitter introduced custom timeline, to let users create their own personalised Twitter page. The users could select the Tweets they want to include, manually or by using the API Twitter has released for the developers

Such a functionality is going to let people curate a forum of the selected or prominent tweets related to a particular topic on Twitter. So whenever there is a conversation going on about a particular subject, the users could highlight the tweets relevant to them. Custom timelines are public, when a new tweet is added, it is shown at the top of the timeline.

Twitter also announced that it’ll provide a custom API for developers, which is being tested through a few beta partners. Those interested in programming using API, could apply to Twitter for a beta access.

Yahoo is going to auction premium unique domain names on

Yahoo, in a very casual post on Tumblr, announced that it has a number of premium domain names in its reserve that it is going to sell in an auction it is calling ‘Domainapalooza’.

The company means it when it says ‘premium’, the list has domain names like,, etc.

The bidding has already started, and is leading with USD 125K, followed by at USD 11K. There are 517 domain names, and all the bets reserve range ranges from USD 100 to USD 1.5 Mn. It looks like Yahoo is going to earn a considerable sum from this auction

Pinterest releases its first API to help brands showcase popular products and content

Pinterest in its blogpost has announced the release of its first API that will enable its partners to showcase their most popular pins on their own websites and mobile apps. The first stage of API roll-out is with a few brands, namely Zappos, Target, Nestle, Walmart, Hearst, Allrecipes, Whole Foods, among others.

The API will be followed by even more such releases, to allow integration of different types of pins-Top, most recent, related and most clicked. This move by Pinterest will enhance the utility of its platform, as people could now ‘pin’ what they like on a particular brand website, there itself.

‘We want to make sure that we’re always giving Pinners a good experience, so we’ll continue to improve our tools available for all developers, like our buttons & widgets, Rich Pins, SDKs and analytics.  Stay tuned for more—we’re just getting started!’ says Jason Costa, Developer Relations at Pinterest.

Snapchat turns down USD 3 Bn worth buyout offer from Facebook, rumoured to turn down Google’s USD 4 Bn offer as well

The popular instant messaging, image sharing app Snapchat seems to be the latest obsession of tech companies. Snapchat’s 23 year old founder Evan Spiegel has reportedly turned down USD 3 Bn offered by Facebook to buy the company, and lately there have been rumours that it even turned down USD 4 Bn offered by Google.

The company sees about 350 Mn messages being exchanged each day via its smartphone app. Chinese tech giant Tencent, which already has WeChat messaging app, also had its eyes set on SnapChat. Facebook had acquired another image sharing app Instagram last year for USD 1 Bn, but looking at SnapChat’s progress, it might soon make Instagram look small.

It is going to be really interesting to see which of these big players will finally be able to sway Snapchat by its offer.

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