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International News Roundup: Facebook to open source Presto, Twitter’s India specific blog and Google adds sms support to Hangouts

facebook-logoFacebook to open source its big data handling software Presto

Facebook has recently developed a big data software known as Presto, in order to make its analysts, who crunch data and derive valuable insights from it, a medium to get fast and reliable answers to their queries.

Facebook is currently having a user base of 1 Bn+ worldwide with its data warehouses handling data in petabytes. The data is used for a wide range of applications, from traditional batch processing to graph analytics, machine learning, and real-time interactive analytics.

After an initial announcement in June this year about the software, the company has now rolled it out for external companies also in an open source environment. Also, facebook is keen to learn about how other companies are utilizing it and how Presto can help with their interactive analysis.

To know more about the technology in detail, check out the blog post of Facebook’s Martin Traverso.

Twitter kicks off with its expansion strategies, launches India specific blogtwitte

Twitter introduced an India specific blog, featuring the tweets of some famous bollywood and cricket personalities, also honouring Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar on his retirement from international cricket.

After getting this year’s most anticipated IPO get listed on NYSE valuing the company above USD 32 Mn, it seems that it want to give investors a strong picture of its future growth and expansion worldwide.

Twitter is having a larger user base outside US, as revealed from the SEC filings during its IPO.  Considering the large English speaking youth population of the country, its no surprise that the company chooses India first for the move.

To read more on the blog and the participate in the ongoing content in Sachin’s honour, click here.

google-logoGoogle updates Hangouts app, now supported with SMS and MMS feature

Google finally rolled out the new version of Hangouts app officially in the play store, wherein a user can send and receive both SMS and MMS within Hangouts. One can easily switch between SMS and Hangouts and can even do group MMS conversations.

The application can be used by anyone having a version 4.0 and above of Google OS. Also, the company has introduced some new features such as Location sharing and Animated GIF support in chats.

To download the new update, click here

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