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HP partners with Accumulate to expand into mobile payments and services

hp-acculateHP has announced signing a global agreement with Accumulate in order to further expand its mobile payment and banking services.

With this partnership, HP intends to use Accumulate’s technology and project experience to expand to new markets. HP currently offers processing and payment services to banks and telecommunication companies in USA, Europe and Asia.

Accumulate, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, offers mobile online solutions to a number of financial institutions and banks, enabling them to integrate a secure mobile platform to connect with mobile payment apps, ATMs, POS, mPOS and other payment channels. Hence, with this partnership, HP enables its users to use a proven solution in mobile payments, mobile banking and mobile security services.

PKO Bank Polski, based in Poland, recently launched IKO, a mobile payment service that covers all payment situations. The IKO service is based on Accumulate’s mobile financial services platform ME and Pera Mobile. However, the platform was designed, implemented, and integrated at backend systems of banks by HP in partnership with Accumulate.

“The strategic agreement with HP is exciting news. HP’s customers can now get immediate access to our mobile technology and enable innovative mobile payment, banking and security services. We are already in deals together with HP and we believe this partnership will give us many new and interesting projects,” said Stefan Hultberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Accumulate.

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