Five Must Have Health and Fitness Apps

We have put in a lot of sweat and blood to bring you this week’s list of must have apps. Reviewing health and fitness apps isn’t as easy as it sounds. But how much ever digital and sedentary we get, health should still be the topmost priority. We have narrowed down five apps which will make your mobile your fitness companion.

1. Runtastic Running and Fitness

Runtastic is one of those fitness apps which uses GPS to track your fitness activities like walking, running, bike riding etc, to give you a record of your speed, the calories burnt, distance travelled etc. We tried this one with other popular apps like Runkeeper and My Tracks by Google, this was just as consistent in terms of tracking, but has a few additional features.

The app has a ‘story running’ mode, to make running fun. As you run, an audiobook is played to keep you motivated. Each 40-minute long story has different beats and sound effects to make you change the pace of running accordingly. There are 4 genres to  choose from, i.e. fantasy, motivation, adventure and travel. This is great for those who want some entertainment while working out outdoors.

Although the app is free for both Android and iOS enabled phones, but each story costs INR 70 (USD 1.12).

2. Noom Weight Loss Coach

This app is a friendly personal trainer. You can select your weight loss plan depending upon what you are comfortable with, and like a game it rewards you with points when you complete a milestone.

You can log in your food to track the calories, and the app will tell you how much more you need to eat, or how much you have to burn up by working out. It has an in-built pedometer which tracks movement all day long without draining much battery, which is very useful as one app serves all purposes.

On a down side, the app has several features reserved for the pro members. Otherwise all the essential features are available in this free app on Android and iOS app stores.

3. BMI Calculator by

This is a simple app for those of you who don’t want an app telling you what to do. It calculates the BMI, Height to waist ratio and Body Fat Percentage after you enter your measurements.

One can check if they are in the healthy range or not and how much weight they have to lose or gain. It is a simple app that stores the last entered values as well, but sadly doesn’t keep a longer history to see the progress over a period. This too is available for both Android and iOS phones.

4. Daily Yoga

This is an all in one yoga app demonstrating poses for various difficulty levels, with an ambient music in the background. Although personally we would not recommend beginners to try yoga without an instructor. But this is a really good mobile app for yoga enthusiasts.

The app has pictures for different yoga poses and video descriptions as well. Depending upon the requirement, you can select between casual,moderate and an intense training sessions. It is a little tough to watch the videos while doing the poses simultaneously, but one can always learn and then practice.

The developers could add a feature of planned training sessions to offer a complete workout to the users though. Yoga lovers and fitness freaks could download the app on their Android and Apple smartphones for free.

5. WebMD

WebMD is a health and wellness website and this is its mobile app. It has a list of useful features which includes a pill identification tool, first aid essentials, regular updates, facts, quizzes  on health related information.

The app offers a symptom checker which is pretty useful, it covers almost all the possible ailments that could occur in a human body and gives a list of possible diseases based on the selected symptoms. Do not put blind faith in the app, this feature is good to learning about possible issues but it is always better to consult a doctor.

This is a quick reference guide for diseases, their symptom, treatments etc. It is available for free on Google PlayStore and Apple appstore.

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