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Griphin – a quick films startup agency helping businesses to make their explainer videos

In the age where bandwidths are growing exponentially, quick films provide an interactive and entertaining form of communication to brand managers, as well as to the end consumers. According to a report by Comscore, retail site visitors who watch a video stay two minutes longer on average – and Griphin – a quick films startup agency seems to be tapping on that trend.

Based in Mumbai, Griphin works as a quick films agency and offers cutting-edge marketing solutions to businesses and brands around the world.

The startup, with its complete in-house production facilities, offers to companies online content including animated videos, viral videos, corporate films, marketing/product explainer videos and helps them deliver their brand message in an interactive way rather than the traditional way of infusing the whole website with text.

The company caters to the Indian market from its Mumbai headquarters and International clients through partners around the world including a branch office in South Africa.

Cofounded by Shaili Sutaria and Jay Sutaria, brother-sister team in 2012, Griphin works as an agency for brands with complete in-house production facilities thus making them a one stop shop in the area of web video content.

Claiming to be “India’s, and probably the world’s, first full-service quick films agency”, the startup has brands including Visa, Franklin Templeton, Tommy Hilfiger, Nelson Mandela Foundation and Sahara Group, among other large corporates under its clientele list. According to the team, the startup is witnessing around 100 unique visitors a day on its website.

Currently bootstrapped, with cash-flow positive, Griphin is looking for outside funding as well – to further expand its operations and invest in its product development. However the team said that they are looking for someone who can add strategic value rather than just monetary infusion.

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