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Google replaces its magazine subscription app Currents with ‘Newsstand’

In December 2011, Google had launched its social news and magazine subscription app Currents, and now it has released its replacement app for Android, called ‘Newsstand’. The new app is going to consolidate all the news feeds and magazine subscriptions of the user in one place.

Google Play Newsstand is going to offer both paid and free magazines and news content. The app refreshes itself automatically to display the unread content to the user. For breaking news, articles, videos etc. it has many different categories like featured, business, hobbies, health, entertainment and so on.

The app is said to be adaptive, in the sense, the more a user uses it, the more it understands the kind of content he/she wants to read. On a blogspot, Google says ‘Newsstand puts the news you care about most front and center and presents stories that interest you based on your tastes’.

The app offers subscription to more than 1,900 free and paid, full length publications, that includes magazines, news subscriptions, blogs and news feeds. For the existing Current users, the existing subscriptions will automatically get transferred to Newsstand. The app is smooth and displays HD images for all content

Newsstand has an offline reading mode too. In case a user is going out of network range, or want to save an article for reading later, he/she could just bookmark it.

It is a little unclear as to why has Google launched an app similar to its existing Play Magazines (for US, Canada, UK and Australia) and Currents. However several forums speculate that it is a move to incorporate paid subscriptions, to be at par with other news reader apps. And in any case, change from Currents to Newsstand, definitely seems like an upgrade, as its usability is smoother and the app is lighter in size than Currents.

We tried Newsstand in HTC One X, which already has Currents installed. Technically now Currents should re-direct users to Newsstand but both apps are working independently of each other, besides the user subscriptions. iOS users could continue using Currents for now.

To download Newsstand, click here

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