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Google launches ‘prepaid debit card’ for its mobile wallet

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 4Google has introduced a new Google wallet card to go with its Google Wallet, a mobile payment system introduced by Google in 2011. The card will basically function like a prepaid debit card for the balance in the users’ Google Wallet account, which can be added by linking it to a bank account or transfer from another user’s Google wallet account.

According to the post on Google’s blog, card will enable users to purchase goods at any store that accepts MasterCard,  by swiping the Wallet card. Further, users can also withdraw cash from ATMs, using their Google Wallet PIN. However some ATM providers may charge a fee for cash withdrawal The users can also choose to get instant notifications on their phones for a transaction made with the card.

Google is providing this card free of cost for Google wallet users. They can order the card online using their google wallet accounts. Google is also planning to launch the latest version of Google Wallet App for Android this week, which will also support the card. However this card is only available for use in the US as of now.

While this card marks a move by Google to capitalize more in the commerce sector, it will also provide them with a way to track customer purchases and shopping preferences. According to their website, Google Wallet records information such as the purchased product details and seller details, which can be used for targeted advertising by Google.

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