Goji- A smart home lock that uses your phone as a key

gojiSmart technology is rapidly gaining traction all over the world. From smartphones to smart cars, Internet of Things is gradually unfurling its network. Now we have Goji, a smart lock for houses, to do away with traditional locking systems.

Goji allows the users to lock and unlock the doors remotely, using Bluetooth or Internet connection from their smartphones.

Launched in June 2013, the lock uses the Wi-Fi network of users’ home to connect to their smartphones using Goji mobile app. If the users are in the lock’s vicinity, then they could connect via Bluetooth as well. The first version of Goji app will soon be available for iOS and Android devices.

The lock ships with four administrative accounts and two physical keys. An additional electronic Bluetooth key fob can be purchased for people who don’t own smartphones.

Once installed, the lock uses a digital key, with 128-bit AES encryption, that is wirelessly communicated via Internet on the user’s smartphone to automatically open the door if the user approaches, or allows the user to remotely open the door from afar.

One can also send digital keys to others via text or email, including limited access keys for a specific time period, for instance to a part-time housekeeper or to a maintenance worker who comes while the homeowners are away.

The lock has a digitized display that greets the user by name. Goji also has an in-built camera, to click and send a picture of anyone trying to access the door to the user’s mobile phone in real time.  

In case of a power outage in the user’s house, the lock will continue to run on pre-installed batteries. However on a down side, if the smartphone runs out of battery one has to try to unlock the door using the physical key, thus defeating the purpose of a digital lock in the first place.

Hence although it is increasing convenience for the users, by offering remote access to their doors and limited access digital keys, the smartlock is still susceptible to hackers and to physical tampering, so it might face some skepticism from most people.

The lock has been available for pre-order at USD 278 and is projected to start getting shipped by the end of this year.

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