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Gmail file sharing service shutting down – what are the alternatives ?

attachementmeIf you are one of those who are using to sort out your email attachments – you should start considering other alternatives, as according to the company, is shutting down its services on November 11th, i.e 5 days from now.

The company has not cited the reason for move. However it did mention that users who have upgraded to one of the paid plans on its website will receive a prorated refund.

Users who upgraded through their iPhone App can also request a refund through iTunes. “Any data and personal information will be permanently deleted after shutdown.” said the team in an official announcement.

Founded by Jesse Miller, is a US based web app that makes it easy to share email attachments for its over 100,000 users.The company has been around for 2.5 years and received $2.5 million in funding in 2011, all from the Foundry Group.

With emails becoming an overbearing load of communication for individuals these days, such applications allow users to easily manage their emails and attachments to make the experience more handy.

Few other platforms that can be used as an alternative to Attachments include –

MetisMe –  a web application that makes it easy to manage and work with attachments stored over emails. The service allows users to send files to cloud with a single click, set measures to send files automatically and offer Sticky notes for each of the email conversations.

Kloudless – Kloudless connects the enterprise cloud and controls the data workflow across SaaS applications. It is a simple, secure way to move attachments between Gmail/Outlook and other applications, ranging from cloud storage services to project management and CRM tools.

Yesware – Helping enterprises, Yesware offers Gmail and Google Apps users a browser extension that connects CRM data with email reply rate data and analytic. The company has recently raised USD 13.5 million.

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