Flexing It, connecting organisations and individuals for short-term employments

flexingitFlexing It is an online marketplace for short-term, skilled employment which allows individuals and employers to interact with each other for short term assignments through its flexible work structures.

There are two core beliefs underlying the premise of Flexing It: one, there is a large and growing number of professionals who want to adopt a more creative route to craft their careers and portfolio of work; and two, that organisations are realising that a formal employment contract does not guarantee commitment and delivery.

This realisation, as per the company, coupled with the fact that there are no platforms in India that currently help meet this important and growing need for professionals and companies, prompted the team of Flexing It to take the plunge.

Went live in October 2012 the startup is based out of Delhi and caters to a pan-India audience. It provides its users with the ability to craft a great portfolio of work at the pace they want, and reduce the risk of working independently by providing access to a large number of quality assignments that it sources and brings to the platform.

For organisations, Flexing It is a great way to obtain skilled resources for the duration and intensity they need. It provides access to a large pool of qualified professionals with a focus on their functions and the desired industries. One can structure assignments and bring on skills at a pace with his/her organisation needs, while still retaining a flexible cost structure.

“Our vision at Flexing It is to create a transparent, efficient and effective way for the demand and supply of short-term, flexible professional skills to connect. We want to nurture and support a new model of employment, one that is better suited to the flexibility that many professionals and organisations will require in the coming years and decades.” added Chandrika, founder, Flexing It.

Given that the startup is currently self-funded – and lacks a huge advertising budget as claimed by the team – its core strategies is to build awareness and thus involves leveraging personal networks and networks of its connections, and aggressively leverage social media.

The portal, which offers a user-friendly interface for professionals and companies to connect with, regards to a wide variety of short-term and flexible/part-time requirements. The startup has recently launched a separate suite of services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to leverage our platform to find skills and/or spread the word about their services and expand their clientele.

It offers its services for free at the moment, as it wants its users to get a first-hand experience of the quality of its services. However, the plan is to have a subscription-based model which it intends to roll out in the next few months.

Flexing It so far has ramped up to 2200+ users and 250+ companies on its platform and claims to be receiving “great feedback” from skill providers and companies alike about how this platform is helping to fulfil an unmet need, and how user-friendly it is.

The concept of flexible/freelance working is going to gain momentum, given the slow economic growth and openness to the non-traditional models of employment. Moreover, the recent growth in start-ups and new entrepreneurial ventures is leading to a segment of companies that are looking for qualified professionals while also managing within constrained resources.

Talking of the competition, there are a few other international freelancing marketplace websites like Odesk and Elance serving the niche. Other than offering a great value proposition and transparency to its users, the startup however claims to be different from its competition. “We are more than just a marketplace. Through our focus on regular and quality content shared through our blogs and social media groups, we are slowly becoming a community of freelancers / independent workers, where people can share their perspectives and help refine the concept which is still nascent in India.” added Chandrika.

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