FindYahan – another online marketplace for short term skilled employments, or something more ?

findyahaFindYahan is an online marketplace helping freelancers and home businesses reach out to their customers and also offers service seekers a platform to connect with individuals and businesses who can cater to their needs.

Acting as a platform to bridge the gap between service seekers and service providers FindYahan is a perfect place for users to count on finding any kind of employment/employers. From full time jobs to unusual legitimate requests like  I need to learn how to ride a motorbike or I want to learn how to become dj, etc. – FindYahan is a one stop online destination to fulfill such needs.

“People have skills and talents but do not know how to utilise them. We give them a platform where they can use it to earn money.” claims Rachit, cofounder at FindYahan.


Users can enter their requirements mentioning the skill or service they are seeking, accompanied by other details like minimum qualification required, place, time and budget. Further the users wishing to showcase their abilities and look for possible customers can enter the details of the skills/service they provide and the fees they charge. FindYahan then runs a backend search  and  finds a suitable skill provider for a skill seeker or vice versa, according to the user’s requirement. Moreover, it also auto-forwards the contact details of the users as per the user agreement, offering a choice on how they wish to be connected – by sms, phone, email or messages on FindYahan portal.

Moreover, the portal helps out seekers in getting quotes from verified service providers and choosing the best service provider based on their quote & rating.

The website also has a storefront for home based businesses – allowing such businesses to reach out pan India and showcase their offerings online and even transact online – which is the biggest problem for such services in India according to the company. “Typically home based businesses cater to particular neighbourhoods or max a city due to their marketing constraints and cost constraints and they only get to market themselves through word of mouth – we try to solve that problem” claims Rachit.

To monetize the portal is planning to offer its services on subscription basis, once it gains a decent traffic on its website.  Advertisements and Sponsored Post could be other alternatives to make money.

After going live on October 30 this year, FindYahan is already witnessing a daily traffic of over 500 unique visitors on its portal – with having around 3000 registered users. There are a few other freelancing marketplace websites including Elance, Freelancer, FlexingIt and more serving the niche. But who manages to take the bigger part of the Indian market is yet to be decided in coming time, given that the Indian market in this regard is still in a nascent stage.

“C2C commerce in India is not channelized currently and thats what we are doing. India has 158 Million Internet users which going to be 348 million in 2017. Most of them are in age group of 18-40 years which is our target group” said Rachit, according to whom the industry offers a significant market opportunity to the businesses working in this space.

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