Five must have enterprise productivity apps

5-enterprise-appsMany people believe that mobile apps are mainly for consumers. Apps like Foursquare, Google Maps, Angry Birds are used millions of times a day. Mobile applications for business have also started gaining ground as they offer businesses and brands the ability to perform day to day tasks while saving the effort and money both. So if you are running a business, these 5 productivity apps may help you work faster, smarter, better.


Echosign is the perfect eSignature application for traveling sales representatives. It allows users to send, sign and manage documents from within the application and eliminates the need to carry large paper-based contracts.

Users can access documents or contracts from their Dropbox accounts or from the mobile device itself and use EchoSign to get them signed immediately and in-person. Echosign has been developed by Adobe.


Price: Starts USD 14.95/user

Mobile Platform: iOS


To save a story or a document to later work on, we generally either save it on our USB stick or share it using our email address – which is easy enough but perhaps not safe enough while dealing with confidential or sensitive files. 
Workshare offers a solution to this.

Workshare is an easy and on the go way to share confidential or sensitive files using a mobile application. It allows employees to easily upload a file and even share with others by synchronizing it between the workshare platform and any mobile device.

With workshare users can collaborate files and documents more readily with real-time insight into file updates and access for all collaborating parties on any device to share comments and discuss documents together.


Price: Free for basic model. Premium model USD 75-150/user/year

Mobile Platform: iOS and Android


CloudOn makes Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) files accessible and useful on an Android tablets or iOS devices. There are already a few other apps available in the market to solve this purpose, but the reason CloudOn worth a download is the fact that it’s available for free and supports many of the Office’s more advanced features.

Designed to work on a touch interface, CloudOn allows users to seamlessly connect and use it in their cloud storage provider accounts, including Dropbox and Google Drive.


Price: Free for basic model. Premium model – USD 2.99/month or USD 29.99/year which includes advanced feature including track changes, Spelling & Grammar check etc.

Mobile Platform: iOS and Android


You might have heard of this app already, but we can’t just ignore it while talking about the best productivity apps for businesses. A must-have note-taking application, Evernote allows users to store anything they can possibly imagine-notes, web pages, images, audio notes, and then share them across devices.

The app works brilliantly, keeping everything in sync between a user’s computer, smartphone or tablet. For companies that rely on collaboration, simplified billing, enhanced support and additional business notebook features of this app however make it a “must upgrade” product for 2013.


Price: Free for basic model. Premium model – USD 5/month or USD 45/year.

Mobile Platform: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone 8.

Meeting Mapper

Are you having successful meetings? How do you know? Meeting Mapper is the perfect companion for companies to map out the effectiveness of a meeting with a lot of features. Using ‘Meeting Mapper’ one can capture notes in addition to the role, stance and level of participation of all the players and assign next steps or action items accordingly.

Once connected to a wireless network, users can instantly sync their Meeting Mapper activity with Using Instant Sync, can be updated in less than a minute with ‘Actionable Intelligence’ to drive revenue and increase sales.

Compatibility with requires Meeting Mapper for Salesforce. Meeting Mapper also features compatibility with Evernote and Dropbox.


Price: USD 6.99

Mobile Platform: iOS

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