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Crowdfunded movie to hit the stage soon

Crowd-FundingWe have been seeing a number of startups trying to raise funding via crowdfunding platforms for launching their products etc. But now the concept of crowdfunding has started growing in the Indian cinema industry as well. India is seeing a number of crowdfunded movies coming up, and next week such a movie named Oraal pokkam is going to release.

The cast of the movie includes actor-producer Prakash Bare, writer Meena Kandasamy, young Bengali director Bikramajit Gupta and theatre and film artiste Krishnan Balakrishnan. None of the mentioned cast is taking any kind of remuneration, like the crowd funders, the filmcast will also make its earnings from the proceedings realised through the screening of the movie.

The movie has been listed on the crowdfunding platform, Springr. Abhinav Sree, founder CEO of Springr, said that while the concept of crowd-funding may be new to Kerala, it has been in vogue for quite sometime in US and even in parts of the country like Mumbai and Bangalore. “The concept is about leveraging the support of like-minded people to ensure that creativity is not compromised for commercial considerations,” he added.

The movie will be made under a budget of INR 30 lakh, 10% of that has been mobilised while rest will be raised through crowdfunding.

People investing more than INR 25,000 will be granted the Internet rights of the movie. These funders will be provided with the URL using which they can screen the movie any number of times, taking INR 100 per screening, of which the investor will be eligible for INR 50.

A few other Indian crowdfunded movies include:

  • I AM – It raised around INR 80 Lakhs from approximately 450 contributors.

  • LUCIA – It raised about INR 50 Lakhs from more than 600 contributed

  • Placebo – It raised around INR 5 Lakhs

Well the idea of crowdfunded movies is something which is going to be a hot topic in a country like India where a large number of movies are made every year. For writers who fail impress producers with their script or fail to get sufficient funds for making the movie, this new concept could be a boon for them.

People willing to be among the funders of the movie can fund the movie by clicking here.

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