Looking for Cashback on the cheapest available deals online? Try Waroze

warozeWhile searching lowest priced products/deals online we either get aggregators providing price comparisons at product level or sites providing cash-back at store level and we end up in craving to get best of both the worlds – price comparison at product level with cashback. Waroze is all about solving that need.

Waroze is a combination of a price aggregator website to offer lower prices at product level and a cashback provider to offer an extra value on top of the cheapest deal. The portal is currently working to integrate other features as well – including coupons and various other deals to provide the consumers with more lucrative incentives.

Co-founded by a team of three computer graduates – Manzur Sunasra, Hasan Sunasra and Imdad Sunsara, under Saffroze Technologies Pvt Ltd in Feb 2012 – Waroze launched its first beta version two months back and has reached a point of getting around 20 transactions per week.waroze-1

Currently bootstrapped, the team is planning not to take outside funding as of now and rather sustain on limited resources.

Waroze works on an affiliate model and takes commission from several e-commerce players it has tied up with, including edabba, Jabong and HomeShop18 among others. The portal shares a part of its commission with users under its cashback service and the remaining forms revenue for Waroze. “As we move forward we will look for alternate modes of monetization like ads, coupons, deals etc.” added Sunasra.

The website is built up with a clean user interface design which offers easy usability. However to avail cash-back it is required by a user to register on Waroze. Once registered, the user can easily search and select a product, while comparing prices side by side. Once the transaction is complete, retailers pay commission to Waroze, which is then shared with users as cashback.

eCommerce market is getting more matured in India and will become more competitive in coming years. There is already a cut-throat discount-war among retailers, and people are looking for more options to save money for their online shopping. Services like Waroze help them in this regard by making cashback and other money-saving options available for online shopping.

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