Be-Bound : to keep you connected with internet even when there is no internet connection

be-boundIn today’s time internet has became a necessity for people just like food is, but as the availability of food differs according to the region, in the same way internet availability also depends on the regions due to the connectivity issues. It’s a common problem and everybody has faced connection issues, even in covered areas like trains, subways, indoor buildings or any other areas with poor or limited connectivity, leaving internet freaks in bizarre situation and chewing their nails thinking what to do?

To solve this issue of internet connections being lost in few areas, Be-Bound is a new mobile platform to keep a smartphone user always connected to the Internet, worldwide, without any data connection (3G, 4G or WiFi) being required.

Be-Bound has developed an innovative cloud technology to keep smartphone users connected to the Internet, even with poor or no data connectivity, using very low bandwidth text messages.


When there is no WiFi or 3G network Be-Bound uses the 2G network as the transport layer to exchange information between the Web and the smartphone, which increases Internet coverage, with no infrastructure investment required and works with every phone carrier in the world.

It has built-in applications for email, weather report, news, stocks quotes, geo-location services, Twitter etc.


The app is available for free at Android at the Google Play Store, its usage is free when connected to the Internet and when there is no data network available, the service uses prepaid messaging credits (Be-miles) to stay connected, for a fraction of what standard roaming would cost.

The app works much faster when it is connected to WIFi/3G networks.

“Be-Bound’s vision is to allow everyone with a smartphone to stay connected everywhere in the world and be part of the next mobile revolution,” says the company.

Click here to try the app.

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