Aviate – Simplifying your Android homescreen in an intelligent way

aviateAviate is a homescreen replacement that comes as an app on Google PlayStore. It reorganises and de-clutters the home screen in a smart way. It arranges the information in the phone and surfaces it at the right moment. All in all, the user gets easy access to the required apps during the time of the day they are often used.

The app was launched a couple of weeks ago as an invite-only beta version, we got our access last week and have been trying it out since. Aviate totally changes the phone layout, and hence it’ll takes some time for people to get used to it, but it is simple and neat.

It is perfect for those people who like to stay organised, and those who . The pre-installed vendor UI in several phones, give an option to the users to select different modes or scenes depending upon their activity – work, home, travel etc., the app does the same but automatically. The home screen changes throughout the day, and rearranges the apps accordingly.

The developers are trying to enhance the Android experience as much as possible. They have directly linked some of the related apps for better access. For instance, when a person goes out to eat, the app automatically shows photos, tips and reviews for the restaurant. And the ‘check-in’ option opens Foursquare.

Where this app with fail to please most users is the lack of the wide personalisation options Android lovers are used to. It has a small photo widget instead of a wallpaper, and if one wants more space for other widgets then that’ll have to go too. Since its still in beta mode, the company is working to remove any kinks and bugs the users are reporting.

Aviate is a product of ThumbsUp Labs in San Francisco, California and is available for free on Google Playstore.

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