Android phones make up 81 percent of total global smartphone shipments in Q3 2013

strategy analyticsAccording to a recent report by an independent research firm Strategy Analytics, Android smartphones make a record by having 81% share in Global Smartphone Shipments in Q3 2013, which grew 45% annually from 172.8 Mn units in Q3 2012 to 251.4 Mn in Q3 2013.

Android is becoming the dominant OS in the market at the expense of vendor specific Blackberry OS and iOS. Blackberry has been running into losses this year due to the inability of grabbing consumers’ attention with its series 10 phones. Thus giving Android phones the lion’s share of the market. However, due to their expensive price, Apple iPhones are not as popular as economical Android devices manufactured by some vendors. But, apparently Apple’s new versions of iPhone i.e. 5s and 5c are getting a good response worldwide, so it is likely that the tables will turn in the next quarter.

As for Windows phones, which are also manufactured by different vendors, Microsoft shipped more than 10 Mn smartphones worldwide in a single quarter for the first time ever in its history during Q3 2013, increasing its share from 2% to 4% in one year. Nokia has been the leading manufacturer of Windows enabled smartphones, and was majorly responsible for whatever traction Windows mobile OS gained. It was acquired by Microsoft in September this year with a plan to make Windows mobile OS more popular than Android and iOS, so this is another variable that may cause a shift in the next quarter.

Geographically, there is a high demand for Android phones in European and Asian markets. Whereas the demand for iPhones is gradually rising worldwide because of 5S and 5C. And although Windows phones are in demand in Europe, Asia and the United States, they are still struggling to gain attention in many major markets like Japan, South Korea and Africa.

About Strategy Analytics:

Strategy Analytics is a global organization with analysts based in the Europe, Asia and the Americas. It conducts primary research and manages consulting projects in regional markets due to its local presence. It has been working with Global 500 companies for over 40 years.

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