Five must have Android games

If you have been following our weekly top five app series then we are sure you must have discovered apps you found relevant for yourself. Since all smartphones are incomplete without apps, their utility is not fully utilised even without good games. And from a 4 year old to a pro gamer, no one can resist a good mobile game. So this week we are bringing you 5 best Android games available in the market.

1. Clash of Clans – Strategy

This strategy game by Supercell will remind you of the good old Age of Empires, where you build your base, create your troops and attack other players. Each player joins a clan of their choice and clan members help them with reinforcements when needed.

The graphics are crisp, and the gameplay requires an Internet connection. You can either attack clans all around the world or play the campaign mode. The game is free and is already having millions of players, so join a clan soon if you don’t want to stay left behind.

2. Ingress – Action

Ingress is another multi-player addictive game which is unlike any game you have ever played before. It uses your real-time location to create an augmented reality around you in your phone. It has a futuristic sci-fi storyline that is highly intriguing.

You get a mission, different objectives and an agent name that you can pick; this is a dream come true for all the sci-fi, action and thriller movie fans. You actually have to walk to reach a target. This could be dangerous if you get too involved in the game though. The primary objective is to create energy links of Exotic matter that has spread across the plant by some alien phenomenon, so pick a side and save the humanity.

3. Plants vs. Zombies 2 – Casual Arcade

Pvz 2 is the second edition of the popular game Plants vs zombies, and surely most of you must have heard about it. This is a classic mobile game, a light play for anyone. You use plants to kill zombies.

Although the game might look like a child’s play, it isn’t exactly so. Each level is tougher than the last, but the gameplay is still fun. The stages take you back in time, where specially dressed zombies will try to eat your brain, not literally of course. Casual game lovers will love this one.

4. Dead Trigger 2 – FPS

This is another zombie slaying game, which is much more serious than PvZ of course. With its excellent graphics and gameplay it’ll give you a console gaming experience on your smartphone. This is a must download for gamers who don’t have a PSP for mobile gaming.

The game involves a zombie outbreak where you have to kill to survive, and not just by bullets, use different tools to slay zombies. Even in this game you could play with other players in real-time. The touch response is seamless, and for more avid players, it supports gamepad functionality too.

5. Riptide GP – Racing

Another good game with great graphics. Riptide is a hydro jet water racing game which supports gamepad control as well.  You can race through different scenes in different modes to earn achievements.

The game is perfect for those who are looking for a good racing game but are tired of the usual car racing games NFS, Asphalt etc. The game has realistic water physics, a variety of stunts, tricks and highly detailed environments. This game is priced at a meagre INR 99 (USD 1.5), but is worth the price.

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