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Amazon CEO’s biography by Brad Stone floats into controversies, given one star rating by MacKenzie Bezos

JeffBezos-EverythingStoreRecently, a new biography of Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos, ‘The Everything Store’, has been published by Brad Stone, who is currently working as a senior writer for Bloomberg Businessweek. However, soon after its launch, the book got into a controversy due to the inaccuracy of the facts being mentioned by the author in the book.

The book portrays the story of Amazon’s beginning and how under the leadership of Jeff Bezos, it became the largest online marketplace to date. The book is based upon interviews of around 300 current and past employees of Amazon (as mentioned by one of the reviewer at Amazon) and Jeff’s family members, although, missing out the most critical aspect i.e. fact checks by Jeff Bezos (as accepted by the author that he was not having access to reach the Amazon CEO).

Despite of the book gaining positive reviews from the various news publications and readers, the reviewers at Amazon store have a completely different feedback. Most say that the facts have not been verified and have been manipulated to a much larger extent by the author. And the final strike, the one star rating given by Jeff’s wife MacKenzie Bezos, has put it in the list of completely misleading and unfactual information provider about Amazon.

As mentioned by MacKenzie, the book is full of techniques which stretch the boundaries of non-fiction, and the result is a lopsided and misleading portrait of the people and culture at Amazon.

Also, another reviewer, Rick, who mentioned to be among the one to get interviewed, found the book rather interesting but with lots of stories missing or just inaccurate.

“Brad painted a one-dimensional picture of Jeff as a ruthless capitalist. He completely missed his warmth, his humor, and his empathy — all qualities abundantly present in the man’, said Rick.

As per Richard Newton, a popular writer of books on cars, the book is worth reading but has way too many speculations about what Bezos might have been thinking.

However, the author of the book seems to be least affected with all this mess going around. In his opinion, whatever he has written has been verified several times and is completely accurate. Also, as per Stone, he did not get any support from Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie Bezos, on fact checking. “So when it comes to the moments in the story that only he would have had knowledge of, there was nothing I could do”, said Stone.

This is not the first time that Jeff’s biography has been written. There were previous publications like Jeff Bezos’s Secret of success; Jeff bezos: The founder of; One click: Jeff Bezos and the rise of and many more. But the way current launch has been criticized is something different. The author has been accused of being biased with the facts. However, as said by Stone in an interview, he is certainly less biased than Jeff’s wife when it comes to an account of the company’s history.

Well, its difficult to identify who is biased and who is not, but as readers, you can checkout the book here to get an idea of how Amazon has amazed the world and has ruled it with its business tactics.

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