5 recently launched apps that are worth downloading

mobile-aaps (1)The number of smartphone users is on a rise all around the world. But every smartphone is handicapped without a good set of apps to support it. Here’s a list of 5 recently launched apps worth downloading to make your smartphone more useful –

Vote Chat

Vote Chat is a group messaging mobile application launched by Click Labs, a San Francisco based mobile app development company. The app allows ideas and messages to be exchanged among friends and then voted on by the group.

So for example if a bunch of friends are planning for the upcoming weekend – Vote Chat is a perfect companion. It allows a gr speak on a topic/idea and also vote on the ideas proposed by other during the conversation. The round of voting and giving ideas goes on until one idea reaches the minimum amount of votes needed to win – which is then logged in a separate screen so that everyone knows what is the most popular idea.

Currently launched for iOS, the app will be made available to Android users by the end of the month.


Guiddoo is a mobile phone application that fits in a smartphone as a personal tour guide which gives any user a nice audio and visual guide to the famous monuments and places he/she visits. So if someone is visiting Taj Mahal, Colosseum, Eiffel Tower or any other monument across the world, Guiddoo is a perfect companion to go with.

It runs a step-by-step tour providing information about the key sights, timeline, history & trivia, images gallery, tourist information and more to make any travel memorable. It currently offers tour guides on 21 monuments in the English language and is planning to cover over 100 more across the world in next one year, and that too in 9 different languages including Hindi.

The app is free to download on any iOS and Android device which allows users to use its text & visual content with no additional charges. The audio guide however, is priced at a one-time charge of USD 1.99.


Brownie is an offline browser which offers access to websites across the World Wide Web without actually being connected to the Internet. Yes, you heard it right.

The app offers access to Internet services via SMS technology. When downloaded, a user can choose from different categories including Travel, Sports, Maps, Facebook, Twitter etc. and send his/her query to a hotspot as an SMS. The user receives the information in the form of a web page, based entirely on text.

The user gets charged for each search as a local SMS according to their mobile carrier charges. One can also opt between data or SMS mode to access and retrieve the information. The app has been made by a Bangalore based startup Innoz – which also operates a mobile text message based service SMSGyan.


MomToMom is a marketplace for users to buy and sell clothing, toys and other items for their young toddlers. The platform has launched its mobile app for iOS users.

The app allows its members to simply take a photo of the item they wish to sell and upload it on the app. Members of the MomToMom community can share comments and ask questions of sellers regarding their listed items.

There is also a way to contact a seller privately if users don’t want their questions or comments to be viewed publicly.


Hammer is a social messaging app focused to help people get and share knowledge with the world. The app assists people in getting and sharing instant opinions, exchanging ideas and news in their knowledge.

Users can simply upload photos, ask questions, share opinions about any trend/topic with other. Hammer stands apart from other social networks,  by the fact that it isn’t limited to one’s circle of friends and family, but connects the users with anyone using Hammer. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

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