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Google Scroogling on the Internet, says Microsoft

The war of the Internet giants just got bigger. Microsoft has moved ahead with its online campaign ‘Scroogled’ against Google, making a whole website dedicated to its cause.

Scroogled has an inventory of every controversy Google was in. And is mainly focussing on Google invading the privacy of the users, that comes in light of the recent lawsuit filed against the company by Gmail and non-Gmail users. The below two images are excerpts from the website, where Microsoft is trying to engage users in its purpose.

Website’s homepage states the Federal judge’s ruling ‘Google could be going through every Gmail that’s sent or received, looking for keywords so they can target Gmail users with paid ads. And there’s no way to opt out of this invasion of your privacy.’

And not just Gmail, Microsoft is targeting Google’s other products as well- its appstore, apps, search etc. Scroogled logo is a rip off of Google’s logo. At the first glance one may think its a stint by Google itself, but with the way Microsoft is attacking Google all over, that feeling doesn’t last for a long time.

And to add more arsenal to its battalion, Microsoft has opened an anti-Google section in its store as well, selling Scroogled merchandise (caps, t-shirts, mugs etc. and some of the products are already sold-out.

Besides defaming Google, Microsoft is promoting its own ‘Bing’ and other services.

It is interesting to see how Microsoft is pointing a finger at Google, when it doesn’t even discuss its own privacy policies for its OS with its users. In late 2012, it faced investigations in EU due to privacy violations. Also. NSA’s spy program PRISM had Microsoft as one the first of its members that allowed NSA to access its users’ data without their knowledge.

So is Google sitting quiet because its building its defense against its rival. Who will be the winner of this battle? Write your opinions in the comments.

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