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Yahoo acquires LookFlow, an image recognition technology to improve Flickr’s search and discovery

yahoo-lookfolowYahoo acquires an image recognition technology startup LookFlow that incorporates artificial intelligence into a platform for image search and discovery.

Terms of the deal are kept undisclosed but LookFlow team has announced on their website that they will join the Yahoo team and help them in building a ‘deep learning group’.

“Fret not, LookFlow fans. Keep an eye out for our product in future versions of Flickr — with many more wonderful photos and all that Flickr awesomeness!” says the company website.

Founded in 2009, LookFlow is based in Mountain View, Calif.

Yahoo recently made some changes to Flickr, including a slickly designed photo layout and a free 1 terabyte of storage to its users.  It was just one of the many redesigns and new product launches aimed at a larger reinvention for the company. Flickr has reportedly more than 8 Bn photos from more than 87 Mn users and more than 3.5 Mn new images uploaded daily.

LookFlow’s acquisition is the latest in CEO Marissa Mayer’s acquisition list, including the mega purchase of Tumblr costing a whopping USD 1.1 Bn.

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