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Vodafone installs Insta Networks, a portable cell site in cyclone hit Odisha regions

vodafoneIn a move to provide support to the relief and rehabilitation work in regions of Odisha’s cyclone Phailin’s affected areas, Vodafone India has installed  “Insta network” to improve connectivity in the region.

Insta Network is an instant and portable cell site i.e. a mobile tower, that can be installed by using four 12V car batteries and run by a 5KVA petrol genset. This is like a network from a box.

These are powered with Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station. They cover an area of three to four km and ensure that there are services available in the impacted areas.


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As communication is the need of the hour in these areas, Vodafone has initiated a few more measures to tackle these barriers. These include:

1) Multi Plug sockets being installed at the sites of all affected areas so that people can charge their phones easily.

2) Arranged coverage supported by 5 mobile vans, each with a minimum of 50 charging sockets.

Alongside Vodafone, Airtel too has deployed over thousands of mobile charging points in Airtel BTS (mobile towers) locations across 22 towns in the affected districts.

Iamwire Take: Communication is very crucial at the time of disaster, in most disasters communication systems go down leading to a high degree of chaos and confusion. It is a good initiative by Telcos to support this disaster with immediate communication support help, however  Iamwire believe that Telcos must get together with the Government of India and create a robust pan nation disaster management communication layer that can be made available to be used at the times of natural / un-natural disasters.

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