Twine – a mobile dating app that aims to build real connection between people

twine-1No doubt there are numerous chatting/dating apps available today. But when it comes to their functionality, most of them seem to share common features on top of a poor user interface – you plan to download one, you end up testing more than a dozen and eventually give up.

If that has ever happened to you, try Twine. It is a mobile-based flirting/dating app that claims to be different than other existing dating services. Well, if the company isn’t boasting, Twine could be the perfect dating app that most users are looking for.

Available on iPhone and Android devices, Twine matches relationship seekers while ensuring that their identity is always protected and never gets disclosed without users’ approval.

The app allows users to kickstart the process and immediately connect via a chat interface with their photos blurred. Only when both users feel comfortable, they hit “Reveal Now” to reveal their photos and names. In this way,twine-mob (1) users connect and get to know each other better before they share their portfolios. So if you are looking for a man who looks more like a fashion model, Twine isn’t for you, because chances are that after several weeks of your ef

In addition, Twine tries to match its users with people who match their personal details and interests. It uses a unique algorithm based on users’ Facebook profile and recommends matches. And it doesn’t matter if you aren’t very good at talking, Twine has taken care of that. Its patent pending feature, Intelligent Conversation Enhancer (I.C.E.), generates unique questions and helps users to continue on with the conversation on the basis of mutual interests.

Moreover, the app claims to be “spam free” by keeping the number of males and females balanced which it does by enforcing a queue method, i.e. women and men must join the app in equal numbers.

Given its interesting add on features, absent in many other social networking/dating apps, Twine is definitely worthwhile of a download. However, when we tried to log in, the access got denied as Twine has already got more than 100 user requests lined up from the same gender in our locality, which suddenly made us realise that the idea of having 1:1 gender ratio isn’t very appealing to everyone.

As far as the monetization is concerned, Twine plans to release some premium features in future that will enhance the basic app experience and add few in-app purchase options like virtual gifts to monetize. But the company claims that the basic features of the app will always remain free.

Zoosk, Tinder, LOVOO, MiuMeet and Thrill are few other apps that Twine will compete with. So what opportunity does the market offer for Twine and other similar apps? “The number of people using mobile dating apps has doubled in the last year and is growing faster than people using online dating websites. Apps like Zoosk and LOVOO have been very successful. But while most of the existing dating apps focus on engaging users with profile pictures rather than connecting them with people nearby, Twine focuses on connecting people and build true connections among them”, added Shahzad Syed, Marketing Analyst, Twine.

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    Oh! Again a good PR! I’ve been using this app for quite sometime and found to be one of the dumbest apps! All I see is this app gets good PR coverage everywhere. Seems like the only way for them to get traffic! The app is quite dull if you spend sometime trying to use it!

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