Five Must Have Travel Apps

trave-mobile-appThis week we have listed the best travel apps for you. No, we haven’t included your favourite hotel booking apps here, because you already know about them. But here are some wonderful location discovery and travel apps that you will find worth installing.

1. Triposo

This is a very useful travel guide app for everyone. Through this you can access and download detailed guides for specific countries, and popular cities within those countries. Each guide includes info about the major sights, great restaurants, nightlife options, local wildlife, culture, food and more.

If you are going somewhere new or known, the offline maps always come in handy and will save your mobile data expenses too. Plus you get to have your personal tourist guide to suggest where to go. It lists out the activities you can do in a particular place in an organised manner so you can decide what to do as per your taste.

We didn’t really find any cons in this app, on the contrary it has some other useful features like currency converter, weather forecast and current events. You can download it free of cost for Android or iOS.

2. TouristEye

This is a wonderful app for discovering new destinations and planning trips. It has a vibrant UI with high quality images of places to see and things to do. A great app for anyone who loves to travel and explore new things.

Upon opening the app you’ll see a slideshow on the top showing 5 lists of the best things around the world. And below it, is the real deal, the app suggests wonderful places and activities including some which are usually unheard of, like taking pictures with a sloth, swimming with husky dogs etc. Pretty neat, eh?

For not so adventurous travellers it also gives a conventional list of places to see. You could create a wishlist of things to do and discover the experiences that you must live in each destination. When we tried its map wasn’t working properly, it wasn’t showing us the nearby places around certain landmarks. But otherwise this one’s a keeper for both Android and iOS users.

3. Tripcase

This one is for the frequent and not so frequent travellers alike, especially the ones who hate making an organised itinerary to remember everything. Tripcase app acts like your virtual assistant and keeps every important thing about your travel organised.

Add your trip details (flight, dinner reservations, hotel, meetings etc.) to TripCase and stay informed about your trip. Or if you are too lazy to enter manually, mail your confirmed reservations to, and they’ll automatically get added to your app. You can add notes to your itinerary with reminders or other thoughts and ideas.

A great thing about this app is that it gives free flight alerts based on your trip details, you’ll know exactly what is the status of your flight in real time. So you don’t need to download another app just to check your flights. You can download it for iOS and Android, free of cost.

4. WiFi Finder by JiWire Inc.

If you are among those travellers who despise the exorbitant data roaming rates and keep your phone’s WiFi always on to look for a network, you should download this app.

As the name suggests, the app looks out for free or paid public Wi-Fi hotspots online or offline. You might be thinking that that’s what your phone already does. But did we mention that the app shows you WiFi hotspots around the world? It will use your GPS to find the nearest hotspots around you, along with map directions to reach there. We tried and it worked.

You can download its offline directory so as to not use the data connection at all while you are traveling. We tried other similar apps too, but this one was the best. You can try it out too on Android and iOS, let us know how you find it.

5. Taptrip

Taptrip is a travel social networking app where you could directly talk to people around the world in different countries and get first hand knowledge about that place before you actually go there.

The app has a virtual travel option so that you can meet foreign people abroad. It automatically translate all messages, so you do not have to worry about speaking other languages. You can add new ‘trippals’ (that’s their word for friends) and tell them about your country or city.

It is an innovative way to make world a smaller place by bringing people closer by allowing them to share their culture with pictures and text over the app. Discover little tidbits about the popular places you visit that the other apps won’t tell you about. One con that we must mention is that it constantly keeps on giving notifications for new comments, even when the app is open ! But that shouldn’t bug most people, so download it for free on Android and iOS.

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