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Startups and ideas across the globe that went VC hot this week

technology-worldThe world just saw another week bustling with startups and apps on the rise. A majority of the deals happened in the west this week i.e. 6th October to 12th October. Several innovative ideas caught the attention of the investors. We here at Iamwire have made our best efforts to sort these events in one place.

Let’s have quick look at these startups:


A California based CRM startup, Sparkcentral, brings social media into CRM i.e. its technology allows teams within the enterprises to follow up on customer service and engagement over social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Sparkcentral was launched in 2011, it has now raised USD 4.5 Mn in Series A funding led by Sigma West’s Bob Spinner and few other angel investors.


A cloud based mobile app engagement platform, Appoxee was launched in 2011, it provides app publishers with tools to increase app engagement and retention. The company has picked up USD 1.8 Mn in seed funding led by Lazarus Israel Opportunities Fund, Mosche Lichtman,  Cyhawk Ventures and Oryzn Capital. A few of its services include push notifications, in-app messaging, multi-app messaging etc.


Based in Amsterdam, Silk is a publishing platform, where users can publish their collections. It allows them to add structure to the information and also provide ways to filter and visualize the content. Silk has recently raised USD 1.6 Mn in seed funding led by NEA.


A cloud-based platform for Enterprise Shipping, Pacejet was launched in 2003 and is based in Ohio. It connects clients (manufacturers and distributors) with carriers like FedEx, UPS and the U.S. postal service to provide real-time rates and tracking through one central dashboard. It has raised USD 4.5 Mn in Series C funding led by Athenian Venture Partners.

Basis Science

Basis Science is a San Francisco based technology startup, it has raised USD 11.75 Mn in addition to its previous Series B funding round from Intel Capital, iNovia Capital, Dolby Family Trust, Stanford University, Peninsula-KCG and existing investors Mayfield Fund, DCM and Norwest Venture Partners. It has developed a wrist band based health tracker and online personal dashboard to help incorporating healthy habits into the daily routine.


Kahuna was launched in 2011, its Customer Engagement Engine analyzes and unifies customer behavior across mobile devices and web to identify patterns that lead to active usage. It is based in California, and has recently raised USD 2 Mn in seed funding led by SoftTech VC, Costanoa Venture Capital and angel investors.


A BYOD security platform, BYOD helps organizations and individuals to get the most out of mobile technology and corporate BYOD policies. It has raised USD 12 Mn in Series B funding led by Google Ventures. Its flagship divide platform combines cloud-based management with device-level technology that ensures enterprise security and control without compromising on personal freedom and privacy.


It is a location based marketing platform, and has recently raised USD 8 Mn in Series B funding led by Hearst Ventures. Swirl provides an end-to-end mobile marketing platform which helps retailers engage with consumers where and when it matters most. It is based out in Boston and was launched in 2012.

Dollar Shave Club

A California located membership based eCommerce platform, Dollar Shave Club delivers shaving razors to its members. The startup has raised USD 12 Mn in Series B funding led by Venrock, Comcast Ventures, New World Ventures and Battery Ventures.

As real-time TV advertising intelligence platform, iSpot enables users to find, track and share TV ads. This Washington based startup has raised USD 5 Mn in Series A funding led by Madrona Venture Group and TL Ventures.


An American eLearning startup,  Socratic aims be a platform where teachers upload video lessons and K-12, college and graduate students can find accurate information on every topic they might encounter in school. It has just raised USD 1.5 Mn in Seed funding led by Spark Capital, betaworks, Andreessen Horowitz Seed, David Tisch (BoxGroup), John Maloney, and Terrapin Bale.


Mobile App, Refresh has raised USD 10 Mn in Series A led by Redpoint Ventures, Charles River Ventures and Foundation Capital. It is built with an idea to provide users with information that might be interesting or relevant to them as a way to build stronger connections between people, it looks at an individual’s calendar of events and creates instant dossiers of people you’re planning to meet.


Tel Aviv based, KIDO’Z is a kid-friendly media browser. It allows children to safely surf websites, watch videos and play games. Lool ventures, angel investors including Dov Moran, Aryeh Mergi and few other angel investors have invested USD 1.2 Mn in Series a funding in this startup.


It’s a California based online lingerie retailer which tackles the problem of finding a brassiere that fits well, with the help of technology. True&Co was launched in 2012 and has raised USD 4 Mn from Crosslink, VegasTechFund, Pejman Nozad, and FundersClub.


Javelin Venture Partners and Lead Edge Ventures’ Scott Booth has recently invested USD 9.35 Mn in this California based music streaming startup. DeliRadio was launched in 2011, it is a free unlimited streaming radio that is made up entirely of music by artists with upcoming concerts nearby. It “spins” touring artists in the cities and towns where they have upcoming concerts.


CoreOS provides a new server operating system for running thousands of servers themselves. Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia has invested in CoreOS in seed funding.


It helps to create apps that connect the real world with the digital universe in fun and innovative ways. Scan has raised USD 7 Mn in Series A led by Menlo Ventures, Transmedia Capital, Entree Capital, Google Ventures.


Los Angeles based, DogVaCay is a pet boarding marketplace. Launched in 2012, DogVaCay has recently raised USD 15 Mn in Series B funding led by Foundation Capital, Benchmark, First Round Capital, DAG Ventures and Sherpa Ventures. It allows users to get trusted and insured dog lovers across the country ready to take care of their dog in their absence.


Headquartered at San Francisco, Lookout is a mobile security startup which protects mobile devices against malicious threats. The startup has raised USD 55 Mn in venture round funding led by Deutsche Telekom. Lookout was launched in 2007.


A white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), which allows media buyers to optimize their processes across the full range of premium to performance advertising. LiquidM was launched in 2013, and is based out in San Francisco, it has recently raised USD 5 Mn in Series A funding led by Blumberg Capital, Earlybird Venture Capital, and Asset Management Ventures.


DanceOn is called as the Number 1 place for dance videos for professional dancers, the dance entertainment community, and home of Dance Showdown on Youtube. Recently, Plus Capital and AMC Networks has invested USD 4 Mn in it.


Level is a financial service company, it was launched in 2012 and has raised USD 5 Mn in Series A funding led by KPCB. Level is based out in San Francisco, it helps members to easily understand cash flow by automatically detecting income and fixed expenses from linked financial accounts.


California based Big Data startup, Cirro has raised 8 Mn in Series A funding led by Toba Capital, Frost Venture Partners and Miramar Venture Partners. It is the “next generation” data federation software that enables enterprises to quickly extract unique business insight from their entire data ecosystem. Cirro was launched in 2010.


Splice provides musicians a platform where they can create songs and samples, with everything backed up and organized in the cloud. It has raised USD 2.75 Mn in its first round of funding led by Union Square Ventures with participation from True Ventures, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, First Round Capital and a few others.


It is a cloud-based enterprise platform for translation management. Tenaya capital has invested USD 24 Mn in Series C funding in this New York based startup. Smartling helps companies to translate and deploy their websites and dynamic web applications, mobile applications, and business documents across the entire corporate digital infrastructure.

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