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A startup to promote Electronic Health Records in India :

rxvaultWe have reached the stage where digital technology is slowly taking over the tangible world. From retail we are going to eRetail, we have almost completely shunned the good old snail mail and even railways don’t require a physical ticket if you have an e-ticket in your phone. is a startup that plans to use this technology for a vital purpose, creating easily accessible Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) for people. is a product of Smart Square Technologies Private Limited. It digitizes medical records of users and uploads them on a secure cloud based account.

The idea is to make health records and medical history of people easily accessible to them anywhere anytime, through desktop or any mobile device. Having such an EHR could be lifesaving in many emergency situations. Also an EHR provides the benefit of not having to store bulky hardcopies of the whole family.

The startup is currently small, but the idea is big. Launched in July this year, they have already reached out to many users through different projects. Initially the service will be available for Delhi NCR residents only, the team plans to gradually spread their operations nationwide by partnering with more hospitals and investors.

They intend to open registrations for their services by the end of November for both individuals and families. An executive will personally come to scan and take electronics copies of the documents. After the process is complete, the user can access the records and share them with his/her doctors anytime. will send a Health Card to its users as a key to the subscriptions, emergency care, trauma or tracking daily healthcare.

The practice of keeping electronic health and medical records is evolving in the developed countries like US, UK etc. Australia is dedicated to the development of a lifetime electronic health record for all its citizens. But the question arises how viable is this idea in a country like India where out of a population of 1.27 Bn just meagre 160 Mn people use the internet.

For this, RxVault’s CEO Raghav Sehgal answered that this scheme could reach to all sections of the society, especially the underprivileged ones, through Government’s support. Once the practice of EHR is implemented in Government hospitals, this initiative will be beneficial for the masses.

Founded by alumni from IIM Ahmedabad, Indian School of Business and Delhi College of Engineering the startup is already in process of digitizing records of 100,000 people across North India with their NGO partners. However it is yet to be seen how the common people and medical professionals in India accept a wide scale practice of keeping EHR.

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    I too work for an online electronic healthy records company in India. We have a blazing fast emr suited to indian conditions along with an optional PHR or personal health records system for patients. This is a complete clinic management with EHR, Lab Information system, OPD and IPD billing. Made in India as we go digital.

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