Socio Transit – Transforming travellers into transporters

sociotransitSocio Transit works as a social network for those who are seeking travellers to carry and deliver their physical goods from one place to another.

The platform allows travellers to create and publish their upcoming trips on the website. One can also link their planned events to social networks like Facebook to increase the chances of being spotted by those who want to send something to the place they are visiting or perhaps order a souvenir from that place.

The process is simple. As soon as a user logs in using his/her email address or Facebook ID, the website asks to create and publish the user’s upcoming trips and post it on the portal’s marketplace of travellers. However, if one is seeking a traveller he/she can publish the package specifications among other details. It also allows both the parties to initiate a free chat on its platform where they can discuss and decide their mutual convenience for pickup/drop, charges and other key points.

Co-founded by Shivanee Pranav Shah, Alap Shah and Niral Desai in January 2013, Socio Transit can establish itself as a significant platform for students who are studying abroad. As where on one side, it offers many to send and receive physical objects from their families/friends in a faster, smarter and greener way, on the other side it offers those who travel a lot to their home-countries a chance to earn some extra money during their travels.

Currently bootstrapped, the portal is completely focused on gaining traction and therefore offers its services for free.

With other social networks like Facebook or Twitter already working as a solution to this, why one should use Socio Transit? Well, these networks are highly cluttered, due to which replies get buried and most often the concerned person doesn’t get a chance to see the information useful to them at all, which is unlikely to happen in Socio Transit. And this very nature of Socio Transit – we believe – could be the driving force which might inspire people to come aboard and use its services.

Recently the Indian startup ecosystem has witnessed the entry of several other niche social networks like Dronna, Enabli and more, solving various pain points people come across, in their day-to-day lives.

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    Hey Amit, I think in all Shared Economy there are risk but it’s always good people like you and me. And if as a traveler he feels there is anything suspicious in bag, at any point of time he can say no ! Traveler reserves all right to be safe. 🙂

  2. 2

    What if anybody sends product which are illegal like drugs or something else. which may e hide in another product…

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