Five Must have Social Shopping apps

Social-ShoppingHere is a list of five must have ‘Social Shopping’ apps. Spendthrifts and shopping lovers will love these. No, don’t confuse them with the conventional shopping apps. All around the world, everyone asks for their family and friends’ opinion before buying something. But what if they are thousands of miles away? These apps might help.

1. Wish

Wish is already quite popular around the world. It allows you to go through personalized catalogs (which it claims has over a million products) You can buy what you like directly from the app, or click ‘wish’ to save your favourite items. Share your wishlists with friends and family to give them a nudge in the right direction for your next gift.

The app does show a nice list of things for everyone and has a minimalistic UI. It automatically updates the currency to match your location and ships the product worldwide. This is a really useful app for gifting things to people, you can never go wrong when you have the person’s wishlist in front of you. It is free for download on both Android and iOS phones.

2. Pose

Pose is the app where you can see and shop the looks shared by the world’s popular trendsetters, including top models, every day. And not so popular people like us can also upload photos of ourselves with a description of the things we are wearing in them, so that our friends and other people could review them too. (If Facebook wasn’t enough)

The app makes it easier to decide what to wear and when to wear. Pose’s daily dashboard will show you personalized outfit ideas based on your weather and location. You can curate the things you like into collections and share them on the web.

A little bugging about this app was that it refused to move ahead without getting consent to post on Facebook our behalf. Otherwise it’s good for all the trendy people to download on Android and iOS.

3. Fancy

Fancy is a combination of magazine, wishlist and a retail store. It is similar to Pinterest, here you ‘Fancy’ things instead of pinning them. And sharing them with your friends. It is a pretty good app to discover some great stuff, more for entertainment sake, rather than actually buying them.

With its product discovery tools, you’ll find things which you didn’t even know you needed/ wanted. The thing that is actually unique about this app is its integration with Google Glass. It can find things matching in colour to the object you are viewing in real time, really cool for buying home decor.

However some items in the app aren’t available for purchase, who doesn’t enjoy looking at cool pictures for leisure. Its available for both Android and iOS.

4. PicValue

PicValue lets you give a value to everything, yes everything, but not literally. From a USD 2 Mn cup of coffee to a priceless pillow you own. This one is a crossover between Instagram and shopping. For example after a long-day shopping, you might want to tell your friends about the pretty dress you got, you take its picture, add a price label and you are done.

If you are an Instagram user then you might like this too. Besides the random entertainment part, you can easily share the exact prices of the things you buy along with pictures.

Although the concept is good, UI isn’t that great (took about a minute to figure out what to do) It’s available for free on both Google Playstore and Apple appstore.

5. Wanelo

The name Wanelo is a mashup of Want, Need, Love. It is a great app for discovering what you surely will love. You can follow the people, trends, brands that interest you, and share what you like. Yes, this is the Twitter of shopping, with a girly touch to it.

If you like something then save it as ‘Things I want as gifts’ or as ‘Things I like’, or just buy it right away. It has a good catalog of well-known brands along with a good UI (However, the app did crash twice in 15 minutes) The developers have added the option to create stories about clothes you’re shopping for, trends you’ve noticed, TV shows or houseboats, then post them for all your followers.

Before you go ahead with installing it let us warn you that you may not be able to buy most of the things off it, since Wanelo links the items to their respective US websites. But you can enjoy rest of its features. Download it for Android and iOS for free.

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