Startups – a yet another price comparison startup or something better?


Price comparison websites have tried to revolutionise the way people shop online. Acting as consumer champions, these sites help shoppers to find the best deals online, while saving their time and money in the process. Their convenient and relatively straightforward usability, also spares shoppers from having to trawl individual websites or making multiple phone calls. Indian eCommerce industry has witnessed numerous such players – including Junglee, Pricedekho, BuyingIQ, Comparethebazaar entering the scene, and now SmartPrix – a brainchild of IIT Delhi alumni Abhinav Choudhary and Hitesh Khandelwal is also striving to provide the best comparison shopping experience.

To start with, SmartPrix claims to attract an average of 100K visitors on a daily basis – which is quite a feat we would say – but what is the key driving force behind this? To kill a bit of your curiosity, we would like to tell you its a combination of startup markets, its platform via word-of-mouth, social media and organic searches and discussion forums are the main reasons.

The portal allows customers to search a product based on features, brand and price band; compare two products based on their features/price, and even buy online – through its affiliate model.

It offers a clean user interface design with easy navigation. Products listed on the website offer a detailed analysis and comparison with respect to other products. “ Price comparison is a part of the service we provide to our users, other than that we try our best to help our users in the most difficult part of shopping – deciding which product suits his needs and budget in the best way.” claims Abhinav Chaudhary, co-founder SmartPrix.

One can also set a price alert for a particular product and whenever the price drops he/she gets an alert on his email.

Launched in December 2011, for comparing mobile phones, the team since then, has worked on extending its product categories and increasing its user base. Today it includes products across categories including Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops and even Books. Moreover, SmartPrix also lists out which mobile phone is best by listing out its spec score.

Where a majority of price/deal comparison startups focus only on electronic products, SmartPrix has added another product segment to it – Books, which could also be a driving force for more visitors on SmartPrix. However, we understand that there are multiple reasons for non-electronic products not being an obvious extension for comparison shopping players – as they do not have high margins, which, therefore seems less tempting from an early stage point of view, especially given the amount of effort that would go in their implementation. Further at an implementation level as well, it can be very tricky to do a direct price comparison for soft goods like apparels.

Main source of revenue for SmartPrix is from product listing through its affiliate commission and Google ads. “Right now our earnings are more than enough to cover our expenses. Once we get the product right we will look to raise funding in future to expand rapidly” said Abhinav.

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