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Rocket entered online real estate market of 12 countries via, surprisingly missed India

lamudi-logoRocket Internet will now be helping people in renting and buying properties online. The German Incubator has rolled out operations of its recently launched online real estate website Lamudi in over 12 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America, with more countries to be added soon.

Termed as a real estate marketplace, Lamudi was founded in 2013, it provides platform for sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants to find homes, land and commercial properties online.

At the same time it also provides property owners with an online presence through a personalized webpage where they can put their information, picture, logo etc.

For users looking to buy or rent property, it works in a similar manner like any other real estate website where one can refine search by selecting for rent or for sale option, the property price, and the number of minimum bedrooms required.

Erwin Sikma, CEO of Lamudi Asia said, “We are very bullish on the real estate classifieds market and aim to establish ourselves as the new number one in emerging markets. In particular with the support and knowledge from Rocket Internet, we will grow Lamudi very fast.”

Previously, Lamudi was active under the brand names Vamido (Africa), Ubilista (Latin America), Zamudi and House (both in Asia). But the company has now adopted the Lamudi brand name globally.

Iamwire Take: Currently its services is available in Algeria, Bangladesh, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Uganda. But surprisingly not in India, either Rocket is too busy with and is not willing to allocate its resources in anything else until its eCommerce investment starts to make sense OR they don’t believe in online real estate opportunities in India, which is contrary to the belief of Nexus Venture Partners which recently invested in

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