Pressy Button – on a mission to make smartphones handy

pRESSYIn todays fast moving world people love technologies that offer them the power to perform day-to-day tasks in a blink of an eye. And the Pressy Team seems to understand that well; who is on its way to provide a new, simple and intuitive way to perform everyday actions on a smartphone with simple clicks of a button.

Pressy is a real, physical button – that sits in the headphone jack of an Android phone, with having less than a millimeter of length sticking out. This of course snatches the headphone jack away from a user, but in return provides a button to perform a set of wonderful functions.

The product is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with having more than 28K backers. Pressy set an initial goal of USD 40,000 which has been exceeded by accumulating more than half a million already. The campaign has received over USD 680,000 with still having a few hours of campaign left.

It comes with three default actions so that one can immediately start having fun with it, these include controlling flashlight, put the phone in and out of silent mode and photo capture. Though one can always change the settings and set the actions as per his/her requirement.

Setting-up of Pressy is quick and easy. All one requires to do is to download their free App. Once the app is downloaded, a background service is launched. Connect the Pressy Button to the smartphone through its headphone jack and its good to go.

Well, thats not the end. The team has designed the product to operate in-app functions and use it as a game controller too. Developers can embed PRess in their app to allow users to perform several in-app actions using Pressy’s API. One can also develop an app or a service and utilize the Pressy button to launch it with your desired parameters.

Where the product offers several cool, interesting functionalities, one thing we believe could affect its sale is that, not many people would prefer to buy the button itself, as they would have a headset attached in that case all the time and require to give up the headjack slot for good. People would rather appreciate a hands-free control and might buy the app instead if Pressy introduces a technology which allow them to use their phones-headset button as a replacement.

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