PeeqPeeq – Helping shopaholics to shop from their emails

PeeqPeeqPeeqPeeq is a sweet little tool that crawls over a user’s email, pulls out most of the desired promotional emails and puts them neatly into a folder called peeqpeeq – but for a good reason.

A product of RokketLaunch, a US based tech startup, PeeqPeeq functions by sucking up all the shopping related emails available in a user’s inbox and organising them into a store on web, iPhone and iPad by sorting shopping related messages into a folder outside of the main inbox. However, to allow PeeqPeeq perform its abilities, one is required to allow the app to “peek” into his/her inbox. It then automatically processes the inbox and produces a catalog of shopping offers with easy to browse experience.

We believe that the company has come up with a perfect product, that too when it was most required. With Gmail’s new design rolled out by Google in May 2013, many email marketers witnessed a steady downfall in the open rates of their Gmail campaigns – given the fact that any promotional email ends up in the promotions tab – which a user might or might not care to open. With PeeqPeeq’s ability to surface and aggregate all such promotional shopping messages and organizes them into an email catalog – which one can even browse from his/her smartphone or tablet, chances are it may help several ecommerce companies to get more exposure or perhaps help them scaling up their sales.PeeqPeeq1

PeekPeek in its ability, works beyond the emails available in one’s inbox. That is, if you have a completely wiped out email inbox, it could still be of use to you, as on its backend, the company has opted into all the promotional newsletters you could ever want. It allows you to browse through different categories featuring several brands available on PeeqPeeq.

Launched in September, the app has also rolled out a new update yesterday which expands the app’s reach beyond Gmail. The update will now make the app work on all of the Microsoft email domains including Hotmail, Live, Outlook.

With several technology startups working on a product as an alternate to emails or reinvent the entire email inboxes, PeeqPeeq works with an innovative approach to tackle with automatic promotional mail filtering, which will allow various online marketers to continue with their campaigns and keep the sales running. Creating a win-win situation for both the retailers and shoppers alike. Moreover, with today’s consumer being bombarded with emails, a significant percentage of which are Spams – such products offer a great scope of making the lives of today’s consumer easy by providing them easy solutions on managing their promotional emails.

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