PaxPlay – on a mission to make mobile social games more interactive

pax-playIf you ever ask a gaming freak what he or she likes the most about a game, you would realise that it’s not always the game itself but the social engagement factor which keep the players hooked. With social gaming picking up around the globe, Mumbai based PaxPlay, is also trying to capitalize on this trend.

On a mission to make mobile gaming more social and connecting, the startup is trying to offer the same fun/craze that a multiplayer online game provides, by introducing various social engagement tools.

“In most of the mobile games today, the social atmosphere is limited to score comparing or social leaderboard. Why not implement the same kind of exposure, connectivity in mobile games and cross the limit” believes Rohit Goyal, cofounder at PaxPlay.

PaxPlay is trying to cross that limit by focusing on “social user interactions” in games and want to build games where the game design itself is multiplayer focused, which can help people to have fun together. The company is currently made up of 5 IIT Bombay graduates with a good mix of programming and design background.

While most games these days do have leaderboards, PaxPlay is trying to stand apart by increasing social interaction in games by allowing users create group events in games like and send free perks like lives or gifts to each other.

The first game developed by PaxPlay, Hungry Hamster is a touch based arcade action game where a user has to direct as much food as possible to a hamster. It has seen over 80,000 downloads within just 12 weeks time, given that its currently available only for Android and is still a beta version with very basic features.

So What’s next? In the coming weeks the team plans to add both in-app purchases as well as basic social media integration for the game. Currently working on the social integration part now as in how people are going to interact with each other in the game, the team is creating different powers and modes which can be used as gifting and in-app purchases.

Moreover, the startup hasn’t added a single ad in its game till now, as they believe it ruins the experience of a game – which many developers don’t realise and end up failing to get more installations. It opted to lose the initial small revenue and rather chose have a sticky userbase. However, they plan to come up with an IAP in its next version and looks forward to bring ads in a way that it doesn’t ruin user experience and instead user gets some incentives to consume the ad.

Talking of the industry, Rohit said that the industry offers high growth for similar startups. “Started just 5 years ago it has grown to a $5B+ industry in revenue in 2012 and expected to cross $12B by 2017.”

Other games which have social focus are doing exceptionally well like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Puzzles and Dragons.

“From start point we believed discovery would be the biggest challenge in this market so we focused on SEO for the beta version and we have cracked down the SEO part of the game. For example if you search for a term hungry in Google play we land up in top 15 places. Majority of users are from US. We believe mobile games are a balance between art and science.” added Rohit.

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