PaisaSwipe puts ads on your smartphone lock screen, and pays you in return

paisaswipe1Would you install an app that puts ads directly onto your phone lock screen ? Maybe not. But what if you get paid in return for every time you swipe to unlock the phone ? An Android app from India, PaisaSwipe promises to do so.

To start with, we think that the idea isn’t new. Infact it seems pretty much copied from a similar app available in US called Locket, but talking about the Indian market PaisaSwipe is a unique app allowing every smartphone user to make some extra bucks. The phenomenon could do really well among young people and students.

Everytime a user wakes the phone from sleep mode, he/she is required to swipe the screen ‘left’ to engage with the ad, or ‘Right’ to unlock the phone. Don’t worry, either way you get paid. On each swipe the user gets USD 0.01 on his/her registered PaisaSwipe account. One can earn a maximum of USD 5 in a month. To earn more, invite your friends and get USD 0.50 on every install. It allows Facebook and email registration and is available only on Google Play store.

You can cash out either with PayPal or get online gift cards, recharge mobile, or even donate the money to

Still in beta, the app has already signed up big clients like McDonald’s and KFC for one-month free trial runs.

The app is available for free. So you don’t have to invest anything to download and can start making money as soon as you download it. I downloaded the app and found it quite cool as it offers easy registration process without consuming much of the phone memory. However there are a couple of things that seem pretty discouraging – one, it generally takes 1 to 2 seconds to upload the ad every time you turn the screen on. But I personally can adjust with that, however, the other thing is hard to digest. That is you won’t get paid if a similar ad shows up that you’ve got paid for.

Where the concept of ‘Swipe in, Cash out’ indeed seem an easy way to make some extra bucks, I think that PaisaSwipe’s team should work on its few negatives if they don’t want people to opt out / delete the app as soon as they download it.

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