Owlgrin- a SaaS based product startup offering account management solutions to SMEs

Owlgrin-gaurillaOwlgrin is a SaaS based product startup company offering business management solutions to small and medium businesses. The startup is trying to solve the problem of how an entrepreneur is jumbled up in managing background processes rather than building something.

Owlgrin is three months into the business and is presently on the stage to launch its first SaaS product ‘Gaurilla’ in public beta mode. It is an account management software for SMEs focused to solve problems faced by entrepreneurs and accountants.

“I have always found SaaS fascinating and with Owlgrin, we are trying to build the eco-system of SaaS apps. Initially, our target market is startups and SMEs. We try to build an efficient solution to these customer segments. Once we get decent traction in these segments, we will be providing enterprise solutions.” claims Mohit Mamoria, founder, Owlgrin.

Incorporated on April 27, 2013 the company began working full-time on it from July 26th onwards and concluded a private beta a few weeks back. As per the current plans, it expects the public beta to be available in first half of November. Currently bootstrapped, the company is looking to raise funding in the next 3 to 4 months.

Still in beta, the startup claims to have been receiving a positive response from the market.

Owlgrin’s every product’s monetization model will be subscription based. Plus the developers who will be putting up their modules in the marketplace of the product, will be paying 10% of the revenue they will generate. Right now, the company has these two monetization models and is open to pivoting in the future. Moreover, it claims that the company will not add any advertisement ‘ever’ on its platform.

Owlgrin has just conducted its private beta round with 20 users from different industries and found that services company found a higher value in Gaurilla as compared to retailers and wholesalers. Regarding traction, they have gotten a lot of queries for private testing and going by the numbers of subscribers the team is planning a public beta launch for Gaurilla with a few hundred users.

According to Mohit, the market opportunity is huge. Every business needs management. And management demands time. Owlgrin is focused to develop products that reduce time and management demands. “More the time we save, more the money it implies.” believes, Mohit.

Currently, the company is targeting startups and SMEs for the public beta as the product is young and fragile. While working along with these initial users, it will make its product robust and stable and then move to the enterprise segment.

For Gaurilla, there are a few competitors and most of them are American eg. WaveApps, Zoho, Freshbooks. But according to the team, Gaurilla, along with Owlgrin‘s other future products, will allow users to add/remove functionalities depending upon their needs. For example if an eCommerce business is using Gaurilla, the team can manage everything including Invoicing, customers etc.

Moreover, if they have to print shipping labels, they can easily search for modules with shipping labels, choose and attach it with their profile. Modules will be developed by independent developers and they can charge whatever they feel for their module. “We are not building a closed software but an open, very open ecosystem,” claims Mohit. “But this doesn’t happen with other softwares, as with them they either have to make developers write a custom software to read from Gaurilla and print labels or buy another software, export from Gaurilla or import in another software and then use it, which isn’t very favorable to its users.”

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