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NASSCOM product conclave is here – should attend?

nasscomTo offer its support to the promising startups ecosystem, NASSCOM is bringing its annual event NASSCOM Product Conclave to cater to the Indian product companies and startups, as a networking platform.

The event gives the startups an opportunity to meet some of the most successful people in the industry.

There will be prominent speakers, including Rajan Anandan, Head, Google India; Bikram Singh Bedi, Head, Amazon India; Phanindra Sama, founder & CEO,; Charles Phillips, CEO at Infor, who previously worked at Morgan Stanley and board of directors at Oracle, among several other well known names. Click here to see full list of the speakers.

With 50+ investors, accelerators and venture capital firms, the event is designed as a 3-day acceleration program revolving around the theme “Do. It. Right. Big.”, it will focus on why India is a promising market for emerging startups and what opportunities does it offer. The sessions will focus on educating startups about early stage product development to raising angel funding and establish a global presence – supported by successful entrepreneurs’ stories and various workshops. All in all, the event will encourage emerging entrepreneurs to start doing rather than watching.

It offers a good opportunity to learn about the ecosystem to product based startups working in the field of new media, mobile apps ecosystem, SAAS, eGov, enterprise software and other technologies. Some of the key tracks it will focus on include Sales and Marketing, Funding and Financing, Early Stage, Global Market and Mobile.

The workshops/sessions will help new entrants to learn about designing, digital payments, automobile technology, salesforce application platforms & medical software technologies among others. Well thats not it, the event also has a room for ‘the usual’ that most other startup meets offer – Networking with Angel Investors.

And hey, if you are a BitCoin or other virtual currencies lover, or perhaps an expert miner there’s something for you too. For the first time in India, NASSCOM is organising a complete session on the future of such digital currencies.

Running its 10th edition, NPC is an entirely volunteer-driven event, which is led by Ravi Gururaj, Mukund Mohan, MR Rangaswami, Arun Seth, Srihari Palangala and a group of about 50 volunteers who will be helping with everything from planning and programming to sponsorships and logistics.

To participate as a delegate, one needs to register and pay to book a seat. Starting from October 28th, the event is taking place in Bangalore.

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