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LinkedIn shows a strong Q3 2013 performance, but lowers down revenue expectation for the next quarter


LinkedIn, despite of showing good quarterly results this year, has given quite low expectations for the Q4 earnings guidance, as revealed in the Q3 2013 earnings release.

The company said it expected revenues between USD 415 Mn and USD 420 Mn for the next quarter, due to the risk of getting a decline in its desktop pageviews. This forecast, however, is lower than the analysts’ expectations of USD 438 Bn. Analysts also believe that LinkedIn is just resetting its targets to exceed expectations.

Looking at the revenues from company’s three lines of businesses, we observe that as compared to the similar quarter last year, there has been a revenue increase of 62% in talent solutions products, 38% in market solutions and 61% in premium subscriptions.


Also, the table above clearly indicates the company’s growth pattern over the previous quarters in the current financial year.

Talking about the total revenue, the company posted a significant increase of 56%, leading to USD 393 Mn, compared to USD 252.0 Mn in the third quarter of 2012. Net loss was USD 3.4 Mn, compared to net income of USD 2.3 Mn for the third quarter of 2012.

“Increased member growth and engagement helped drive strong financial results in the third quarter. We continue to deliver value to professionals through investment in core products and strategic initiatives such as mobile, students, and the professional publishing platform”, said Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn.

Also, as per Steve Sordello, LinkedIn CFO, the company will continue to invest aggressively in its member experience and diverse revenue streams in order to realize the long-term potential of its vision.

Other highlights for the LinkedIn Q3 2013 results include:

–  membership surpassed 259 Mn members, as growth increased to 38% year-over-year.

–  launched university pages. To date, over 1,500 University Pages have been created in more than 60 countries.

–  launched sponsored updates, its first mobile advertising product, to deliver relevant content to members from marketers in the LinkedIn desktop and mobile feed.

– launched several new mobile products, including a re-imagined iPad app; Intro for iPhone, transforming the mobile email experience; a new Pulse app to deliver relevant news and insights with LinkedIn integration; and Recruiter Mobile for customers of the flagship Talent Solutions Recruiter product.

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