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IBM Research launches Accelerated Discovery Lab to accelerate big data discovery

IBM-ResearchThere is a lot being talked about Big Data and how fast its importance is growing around the world. Though focus is also been made towards how many connections one can make with that data, and how fast those connections are growing.

Companies utilize data scientists to analyze their own information, but in doing so they might miss insights that can only be found by bringing their understanding together with other experts, data sources, and tools to create different context and discover new value in their Big Data.

Keeping this aim is mind, IBM Research has recently launched an Accelerated Discovery Lab. which will allow companies to find connections among massive sets of data that can be used intelligently for analytics and insights.

“Today’s discovery rooted in massive amounts of data distributed across a variety of channels, businesses and scientists struggle to locate and share necessary resources and skills to produce effective business results,” says the company.

Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity, are said to be the major challenges of data and there is a lot of expertise needed to tackle these problems, and IBM through this lab plans to bring all the expertise, talents etc under one roof to manage these challenges.

The Lab will allow IBM researchers and partners to work together to tackle the big data analytics problems across a variety of industries and domains. Jeff Welser, Director, Strategy and Program Development, IBM Research Accelerated Discovery Lab said that there is a big innovation opportunity if companies are able to accelerate discovery by merging their own assets with contextual data.

The lab will be located in California, with a team of experts in hardware, software, data, and others. As per reports, the lab will have around 15 projects running at a time.

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